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Title – Mana Manthana, Producer – Dr Ashok Pai, Direction – Suresh Heblikar,  Cinematography – P Rajan, Music – Pravid D Rao, Cast – Kiran Rajputh, Harshita, Suresh Heblikar, Sangeetha, Suman, Sridhar, Lakshmi Gopinath and others.
Noted actor, director, producer and environmentalist Suresh Heblikar back to direction in another psychological film based on Dr Ashok Pai subject in Manasa Arts ‘Mana Manthana’ , Late Dr Ashok Pai has invested on this film ‘Mana Manthana’ that is very meaningful and contents although protracted in narration.
Maker of Alemane, Kadina Benki, Agantuka, Prathama Usha Kirana’ Suresh Heblikar has looked at the right subject for the right time to the youths.  In the beautiful locations of Shivamogga the shoot was held.
We build so many dreams individually in life. After we grow from stage to age, the elders keep some dream for us. When such dreams clash and fumble what is the effect on the mind. How we have to do introspection is the essence of this film. For everything ending life is not the solution. Instead of it we have to start new lease of life with all around.
Set in the Malnad region of an agriculture family plus cement and steel business the head of the family Jagadisha Rao has a dream that his son Ajay should become a chartered accountant. He has interest in music. The mother has dream that Ajay should discover in Mathematics and study in abroad return with some distinction.
The clash of all the three mindsets dreams is the significant point discussed in life. He meets Madhuri ans falls in life. At this stage the issue of Ajay father and Madhuri mother having relationship distance them. Ajay goes on mental imbalance with such boulder shock.
Director Heblikar also in a prominent role has made it a point that cinema is just not entertainment. It is an educational media also he believes strong. He does not cut across this boundary.
In the first half there is room for entertainment and second half of the film is educative with psychological issues and remedies for it. That is in fact the social relevance the film attaches.
Kiran and Harshita make a good pair, veterans like Ramesh Bhat, Sridhar, Suresh Heblikar brings some value addition to the film.
Pravin D Rao has not left the chance of giving melody to the film, topnotch cameraman P Rajan has no flaws in his work.
This is a film for family and younger generation of the society. 
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