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Duration – 134 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 4/5

Title – Manaroopa, Producer – Kiran Hegde, Direction – Kiran Hegde, Music – Saravana, Cinematography – Govindaraj, Cast – Dilip Kumar, Anusha Rao, Nisha BR, Aryan, Shivaprasad, Amogha Siddartha, Gaja Ninasam, Prajwal Gowda and others.

It is very rare to find this kind of film. Kudos to Kiran Hegde for catering his film to the world audience! Entertainment from cruelty is what the social media is feeding and this is what a big concern for the society. From gumma. Com, director Kiran Hegde opens up a new kind of development in the society that is so harmful and distasteful. 

Till he reaches the main point of ‘’ activity and the final episode shoot, director has not wasted his time or rather tested the patience. He takes us to the deep forest and gives a feel that is so natural with his sync sound. The five characters different mood is also quite interesting and adding three more in the second half director Kiran Hegde holds a mirror to the society.

Gaurav, Ujwala, Shashank, Poorna and Shravan are traveling in a car to forest area. The destination they have in mind is Karadi Guhe – before they reach this place the mindset of each and everyone surface. The five at a camp fire decide to begin new career in life and gulp the desi liquor lands them in pitiable condition. 

The adventure starts from now on. Poorna and Shravan are missing is what surprises everyone. The trio remaining searches frantically and realizes there is something fishy. That leads us to the clue of ‘Gumma Boys’

 After this it is a thrill to the last frame and there is some emotion too that again strikes to the masses. Kiran Hegde remains exclusive in his narration till the last frame.

A knowledgeable writer and director takes up this media the audiences are sure to get something extremely good. This is what happens from this ‘Manaroopa’ – there is variety of emotions and packed well with thrilling moments.

All the five traveling in the car – Dilip Kumar, Aryan, Shivaprasad, Nisha and Anusha Rao given pretty good performance. 

The technical elements of this film are at highest standards. The cinematography especially gives the real feel of deep forest. 90 percent of film shoot is held deep inside forest.

Remaining alert in every frame Kiran Hegde as producer and director shown that he knows the trick of this business of entertainment!

Have a good time watching this film. Especially those who love thrill, travel inside the forest plus the deep concern of the film – you cannot miss this film.

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