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It is nothing short of a splendid piece of work from Mandya district Government High School Drawing teacher Narasimhachar. Narasimhachar has made a pencil – color and black and white sketches of Dr Rajakumar all the 206 films, one photo each. That is really beautiful and the generations would know Dr Rajakumar in just half an hour going through the sketches.

A government school drawing teacher Narasimhachar dream of three decades plus has finally given a shape in last September. On April 25th 2019 he started working on pencil sketches and finished the task of 180 plus films of Dr Rajakumar films each in September 2020.

Earlier to this feat Narasimhachar had prepared about 28 films of Dr Rajakumar films sketches. It took 5 to 6 hours to prepare one sketch of a film. Nearly 10000 rupees worth raw stock and piled up drawing sheets was only required for Narasimhachar. At one point of time he received wounds for his right hands but his love and admiration for Dr Rajakumar did not deter him from such issues.

The photographs were the main requirement for Narasimhachar. He was in touch with Dr Rajakumar Aradhya Daiva and Varanata facebook pages. Over 90 percent of photos he was able to get from facebook for his unique task.

On next year 2021 Dr Rajakumar birthday April 24 Narasimhachar is having an exhibition in Mandya district. His wish is that the generations to come should know about Dr Rajakumar. When Narasimhachar planned this unique work in 1986 he thought of meeting Dr Rajakumar but he could not fulfil his ambition.

From ‘Bedara Kannappa to Shabdavedi’ the sketches are ready in PDF format today. He has named it as ‘Chitra Lekhana’ and for this terrific work Narasimhachar is eligible for honours and accolades.

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