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Title – MANE TUMBA BARI JAMBA – Producer S Kumar, Direction – KM Arunesh, Music – Sai Gurunath, Cinematography – C Narayan, Cast – Mahendra Munoth, Shashikala, Bank Janardhan, Mahesh, Jagadish, Madhu, Lakshmisha Bhat, Jyothi Gowda, Akshata, Anitha, Rama Rao, Dingri Nagaraj, Ramanand, Mimicry Rajagopal, Junglee Prasanna and others.

Producer Kumar and director Arunesh have picked up interesting subject for ‘Mane Tumba Bari Jamba’ that is very good in screenplay. It holds the interest till the last frame. The ego clash finally turns patriotic. The suspense in characters is well maintained.

Major Narasimha retired military personnel (played by Mahendra Munnoth) comes back to his home after a long time service. He has sons and one daughter. His friend Bank Janardhan has three daughters. The friends decide to turn relatives but they hatch a plot.

Major Narasimha gives a book each to three of his sons and one daughter to study and come prepared for examination after 10 days. He suggests seek support of daughters of Bank Janardhan to his sons. At this point the ego crops up in the mind and three sons and three daughters fall in love. But the daughter of Major Narasimha creates ripples in order to win over her brothers. At this time a friend of one of three sons come to this house for one week stay.

With ego clash on the one side the needle of suspicion on stranger in the house points to something different. As the box kept in the house supposed to be opened after examination result in the house is also curious point in this house.

Finally the suspected person in the house turns out to be intelligence cop. He is on a purpose to solve and give security to the life of Major Srinivas.

What is the secret that is unveiled in the family? You have to watch it on silver screen. Director Arunesh has left a strong feel of going forward in his career.

Mahendra Munnoth should learn acting and four girls and four boys have done a good job. Bank Janardhan is convincing. In a song sequence four veteran comedy actors give some relief.

This is a film that is away from vulgarity, killings, action and bloodshed. You could watch once.

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