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Here is a different format to ghost based cinema from Vishruth director. He has earlier directed ‘Ring Master’. On the pre release day addressing media said he has done mistake for his earlier film but worked hard on the real life subject with imagination for the script of ‘Manjari’. He has followed the pattern of old Kannada film ‘Etu Ediretu’ in narration.

Producers Kiran and Shanker friends of Vishruth were happy with the result of the film and they leave it to the audience to give judgment.

Roopika has both negative and positive shade in this film. She had not tried earlier in her career. She plays foreign returns and without dupe took part in stunts. They were risky too she recalls.

Prabhu tall and handsome actor of ‘Urvi’ waits for the people response to this film. this is his second film release in three in his name so far. He is foreign returned guy in this film.

Another beautiful looking actress in ‘Manjari’ is Pavithra Jayaram a television actress. She is in Shilpa character without makeup in the film. The film has different narration. The sister and brother, father and son, comedy and just not creating fear is all about ‘Manjari’ she says.

Mathew Manu has done the music for songs and background of the film. Anjanappa a veteran actor explained the real ‘Rangoli’ of zodiacs picked from 1000 years old book was surprising to the team. In another incident Anjanappa carrying Roopika on his back thought that he is finish when one hook of the rope got disconnected. Roopika was behind Anjanappa for more than ten minutes that too on air.

Vijay Chendur has seen some specialty in acting of Roopika and others. He is in character of Huchcha and there is Baira role by director Vishruth. Nagesh who is seen in negative roles is given a positive role in this ‘Manjari’.

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