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In the palace city Mysyru at Krishna Prasad residence close to Lalith Mahal palace the family marriage song was captured in four days time for ‘Butterfly’ of producer Manukumaran, Mediente International Films Ltd.

Ceaser was present to direct the steps in the family atmosphere and Ramesh Aravind director of the film was supervising everything in the monitor. This is the song what Caesar directed for Hindi film ‘Queen’ and he is here to direct for all four south Indian languages.

The queen in Kannada version Parul Yadav decked in the simple costume for marriage preparations with Padmaja Rao, Dharmendra Urs, Master Samarth, Nagasundaram, Bhargavi Narayan attended the song shooting with co dancers.  It was inside the house that was colorfully decorated with flowers.

Shooting in Mysuru is very apt for Ramesh Aravind director of the Kannada and Tamil version. What we do in ten days in other places, we have done in four days. One song four days and on one particular day shifting to five locations no one can think in a place like Bengaluru. It happened in Mysuru because of quick travel stated Ramesh Aravind. On the contents what he has taken from ‘Queen’ he says only the structure was picked but various minute things very apt to nativity have been stitched. You would find difference in Kannada and Tamil versions. With this song it is almost complete shoot of Kannada version. A few days of work is left to capture in France. That was not possible in the first visit where he shot for 32 days. The Tamil version song will be shot in the same location. Ramesh Aravind hopes that this will be a ‘Marriage Anthem’ song from this film.

Ramesh Aravind drawing his attention on Parul Yadav said it is not easy to perform in a national award winning role. She has understood the sensitivities very well and got in to the role with ease in the prominent role. Manu Kumaran from the family film fraternity has stood behind the expensive cinema and providing every requirement for the film lauded Ramesh Aravind. In getting Sathya Hegde on board another right thing to happen is because he is quick and what takes ten days for one song he gets his work done in four days.

A film like ‘Choti Si Baath’ if you see 100 times you will not get bored. This is on that style made with lot of interesting elements. It will be a visual treat informs Ramesh Aravind.

The song shot was Namma Mane Dodda Karyakrama Dodda Marriage…has compositions from original composer Amit Trivedi but he has made six fresh tunes for this film. Four songs are penned by Jayanth Kaikini, one by Yogaraj Bhat and Pradyumna.

This is very important song for the protagonist Parvathi who rediscover herself in life. In life we will not know our strength. When we are at strange place we discover our strength. For this film ‘Butterfly’ the evolution of butterfly was explained by Ramesh Aravind.

Coming to Kannada dance director Caesar (of famous duo Bosco Martis and Caesar Gonsalves) of Mumbai feels very comfortable and jumped in joy when he was asked to direct dance for the song he had done original Hindi film.

Padmaja Rao was excited when the offer came to her and she was very happy for the role she adored in Queen to do. Samarth a chubby cheek is selected from Whats App. He is from Sirsi performing as brother to Parul Yadav. Uncle to Parul Yadav is played by Nagasundaram (he says Ramesh Aravind is rank holder even in cinema). Dharmendra Urs a famous TV and cinema character actor is in father role. He accepted this film to learn as much as possible from Ramesh Aravind.

Veteran Bhargavi Narayan appreciated the ability of Ramesh Aravind as ‘Nam Hudga’ very brilliant and affectionate at work. It is a good cinema remade and happy to be part of it stated Bhargavi Narayan.

Sathya Hegde was tensed on how dance director Caesar would put his work but very quickly he became friendly and comfortable to work he said.

For producer Manu Kumaran it is ideal to release all four languages in August month. The strike in Tamil cinema industry is what difficult to match he says.

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