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Title – Mass Leader, Producer – Tarun Shivappa and Hardik Gowda, Direction – Narasimha (Sahana Murthy), Music – Veer Samarth (Ahir), Cinematography – Guruprashanth Rai, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Pranitha, Vijay Raghavendra, Gururaj Jaggesh, Yogish, Baby Pranitha, Ashika, Vamshi Krishna, Lahari Velu and others.

This is a bombastic action extravaganza where bullets speak more and emotional moments touch your heart. India as a nation receives blockade from various corners and surviving, progressing is a good tribute to Indian Independence day heading in a few days time. E Mannalli….eno Idhe!

Sahana Murthy alias Narasimha from this film has arrived at very convincing situations rather than working on the story. The height of emotions in captain Shivaraj and innocents paying penalty, the hurdles in the life people of this continent and the Jihad issue and Muslim community not following what is given beautifully in the Quran are touched in this film ‘Mass Leader’. In turning leader by solving various issues Captain Shivaraj and his team do yeomen service to the needy people is another pack of good substance from this film team.

The film picks up with the election mood where the Bangladeshi residents are brought to get fake votes. This is sorted out by Captain Shivaraj brainy involvement and he takes the drastic step without proof to the state chief minister. Next in the queue is the massage parlor scandal. Captain Shivaraj visits West Bengal on this issue and there is some formidable turn out in his intervention.
Back home the supari is given by heavy clout personality to finish off Captain Shivaraj. That is not an easy development. Yaseen who comes to finish is saved from virtual death and he even meets his mother.

The director takes us back to three years ago. It is a huge flash back. The American residents kept as hostage by terrorists and they want to release in exchange of their leader locked in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is in this action Captain Shivaraj earns too many enemies. One in the campus of his military force and the other one innocent at his home sister Shreya!

This flashback journey is very horrifying in the life Captain Shivaraj. The one responsible for such action now wants the life of Captain Shivaraj. In the name of Jihad the unscrupulous activity is shocking. How Captain Shivaraj uses his force to teach a lesson is the end part o the film.  

Dr Shivarajakuamar in this film has shown exemplary skills. He has taken high risk too, the dialogue delivery and emotional moments from century star is impeccable.
Baby Pranitha has done a pretty good job. Pranitha is in safe zone of romance; Vijay Raghavendra, Gururaj Jaggesh and Yogish have done superb. Ashika looks dam sweet in close ups. Lahari Velu in a small role has the agility. Bharat Kalyan is cool in his role.
The locations are exotic. In the flash back we see the beautiful locations up north. Veer Samarth has given two lovely tunes. The one at the end should have been placed in the middle. The song has the high quality in it – E Mannalli….

Guruprashanth Rai in camera has done competent job. The top angles he has conquered is a feast. KM Prakash is no doubt ustaad in editing.

This is a film after ‘Muththina Haara’ – haunting in some situations. Go and watch it. 
4/5 ****
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