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Title – Mari Tiger, Producer – Ramesh Kashyap, Direction – PN Sathya, Music – Rock Ravi (Malaysia), Cinematography – Jai Anand, Cast – Vinnod Prabhakar, Teju, Neethu, Manoj, Kote Prabhakar, Bullet Prakash, Kat Raja, Petrol Prasanna and others.

This is a Pukka Mass entertainer. Vinnod Prabhakar rocks. He is like rock! The action takes the notice in this film. Thriller Manju, Different Danny stunts in ‘Mari Tiger’ catches attention in the B and C centers without fail.

Vinnod Prabhakar and his father Tiger Prabhakar shades plus one of the songs of Jaggu Daada takes the attention. The film at the outset clearly sends a message. It is not enough if you deliver a child – it is caring that is important.

That is true! The protagonist is born out of living in relationship is left at the railway station. He grows in the railway station and he has a wonderful approach to the difficulties of his railway station. The journey of life does not stop at railway station for Tiger. When the beautiful Teju comes in his cage – a railway bogie the life of Tiger takes a different turn.

It is the Ballari trio brothers who are in the look out of Teju because an astrologer has recommended her killing to acquire a huge treasure. Teju had run away from Ballari and settled in a railway bogie where Tiger is living.

So when the baddies come looking for Teju, they get a nasty return from Tiger by that time both Tiger and Teju had fallen in love.

It is an action cinema throughout. Tiger Vinod Prabhakar you could say had worked very hard and stunts is the main trump card. Teju looks very sweet but there is no romantic number. A sizzling Neethu comes to bring in some pleasure.

PN Sathya has given a good action cinema and Ajay Kumar story is something interesting factor of the film. Kote Prabhakar and Petrol Prasanna come in one fight and take punches from Vinod Prabhakar.

Jai Anand camera effect is not that attractive in the film. the musical scores of Rock Ravi is not outstanding.

This is a film for action lovers. 
3/5 ***
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