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Title – Mataash, Producers – Gold and Dreams, Balamani Production, Direction – SD Aravind, Music – Vijaya Krishna , Cinematography – Rony Abraham, Cast – Samarth Narasimharaju, Aishwarya Sindogi, Rajani Bharadwaj, Nanda Gopal, Amoga Rahul, Ganesh Raj, Balaji P Shetty, Gautham, Nagarjun, Siddu, Roopa Sridhar, Arjun, Rangaswamy and others.

Director SD Aravind also joint music composer with Vijayakrishna in this ‘Mataash’ has looked at the perspective of demonetization effect and comes up with breezy second half.

The sudden announcement of calling back currency of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes is a big bane for black money holders. When Matash bank Manager takes responsibility of conversion of Rs.2 crores he keeps the old currency notes in a bag and hides it in his car. Next day morning this car is missing. Bank Manager Daughter had driven this car early in the morning with friends. Four youths from Mysuru and four youth from North part of Karnataka also arrive for another assignment.  In a resort at Sakleshpur eight boys and two girls happen to meet. In the dinner they are fed with a mushroom that gives a kick for them. Next day morning they are out at different places.

Back home Bank Manager also come looking for his daughter because his life is in danger. It is Rs.2 crore that finally goes away in windstorm after hullabaloo.

The mix of comedy and serious elements in the film is convincing. Boys have done well, Aishwarya Sindogi performed well while Rajani Bharadwaj innocence is good. Nandagopal and team behind this Rs.2 crore quite often give lighter moments.

Vijaya Krishna has two lovely compositions. Chajji Rotti….song by Power star Puneeth Rajakumar is impressive. Rony cinematography captures the moments well on screen.

There was need to trim some of the scenes. Otherwise it is a fun filled cinema with an injection at last.


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