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A film by intelligent maker SD Aravind from the family of Hasya Chakravarthy Narasimharaju is all set for release. SD Aravind has prepared the concept of the 2016 demonetization for the film. ‘Mataash’ with caption Madtha Irthivi Agtha Iruthe is about the gang of youths who come from Mysuru, Bijapura, Bengaluru. Masthi of this gang is main intention at Sakleshpur. The team with three boys and two girls faces a jolt in life. What happens after that is the interesting story line of the film. The complications this gang face is also explained in comedy flavor.

65 percent of the film is shot in Sakleshpura and Bengaluru surroundings. SD Aravind besides direction has written lyrics and composed music for seven songs.

Avinash Narasimharaju art, Vinod Basavaraju editing and Rony cheria Abraham cinematography part of technical team. Samarth Narasimharaju, Aishwarya Sindogi, Rajani Bharadwaj, Roopa Sridhar, Raghu Ramanakoppa, Nandagopal, Sadananda Kali, Ravikran Rajendran, Siddanth Sunder, Ranguswamy, V Manohar and others are in the cast.

Satish Pathak, Girish Patel, Chandrasekhara Manur are main producers with co producers Anand Chitavadagi, Roopanjali Badigere and Umesh Surebaan.

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