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Posted date: 31/January/2009

It is really cloud bursting situation in the cinema halls where ‘Meghave Meghave’ is showing. No takers for this well made film. Such a havoc to the neatly made film in which screenplay is fantastic in the second half the empty halls should not have been the situation for this Kannada film.

Multifaceted Dr.Nagendra Prasad has done a tight screenplay and taken the film to a place like Nepal to shoot to look very different on screen. It is definitely so but why audience are not thronging to the theatres? Some exercise in the publicity department is lacking for this film. The director Prasad has extracted acting from an actor like Ram who was written off in the earlier film ‘Ramya Chaitra Kala’. The inclusion of Gracy Singh who is so plum and graceless is the only disgust for the film.

A team of folk artists leave to Nepal to take part in the pre marriage cultural feast in the family of Rao (played by KSL Swamee). The drunkard Raja is the attraction here because he has some unique nature. As the marriage of Chandramukhi (Gracy Singh) is coming near she is in a jinxed situation. Raja is in love with her and the developments also make the audience to feel both would get united and the film would be over just after interval.
The calculation of the director Prasad is different. He makes the hero to torch the photo of Chandramukhi and that is where the surprise and suspense opens up.

Raja decides to elope with Chandramukhi. He decides to leave her in a place but that is raided by the police. On charges of prostitution Chandramukhi is behind the bars and there is huge chaos in her house as the marriage days are fast approaching. The boy from US knowing some sudden developments leaves the place. Raj bails out Chandramukhi from imprisonment and takes her to a beautiful isolated place and leaves her. He is as usual now in the family of Chandramukhi where he is surprised on her return.

The suspense reveal at this point of time. Raj explains the trauma of his family that has penned three years ago when Chandramukhi was a tourist. It is because of Chandramukhi he lost three of his family members and he is on a revenge mission. Chandramukhi is innocent in this issue is the proving point now. How it happens and what happens with the entry of Kichcha Sudeep are the interesting turns in the cinema.

Like how the stormy cloud reduces to silence the film ends. Nagendra Prasad by this time would have proved his caliber.

Ram in his third film has improved in his acting potentiality. The hair style for him is what needed to be better. He has to improve in the area of emotions. Gracy Singh has no grace. She is not the right choice for the film. Sudeep presence sets the screen on fire. Swamee and Shobaraj are really good. Kari, Mandya, Maina are like coriander in lunch.

Meghave Meghave can boast of lovely songs. There are three melodious tunes. The first one Namasthe Namasthe…has some good graphic, A Soorya Bandhaga Bhoomi helolla no entry….is pleasant and Huduga Huduga… a good duet song.

DAsari Seenu has got the right locations to support his work. Cinematography is fabulous.

Meghave Meghave is worth watching. It is pleasant, cool and compact.

Producer H B Raghukumar

Story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and direction – Dr.Nagendra Prasad

Cinematography – Dasari Seenu

Music – V.Harikrishna

Cast – Ram,Gracy Singh, KSL Swamee, Shobaraj, Karibasavaiah, Mandya Ramesh, Maina and others

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