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Horror, suspense, thrills and surprises combine to form Mercury, a special film that will entertain as well as give audience something to think about. The film is directed by Karthik Subbaraj who has given some wonderful films like Pizza (Whistle in Kannada). The speciality of this film is that there are no dialogues. So it is called a silent film. But in reality the silence is only for spoken dialogues. There is background score and effect sounds. In such a film without direction you may think that things will be easy to narrate. But it is extremely difficult. But Subbaraj makes it look so simple. Complicated things that is difficult to explain even with dialogues are explained so easily. 

The story of the film is about five friends who go back to their school for a reunion. All five are special because they cannot speak. They are both hearing and speech impaired. After the school reunion they stay in a local guest house and party the whole night. Late in the night they decide to go on a drive. It is in a hilly terrain and they seek thrills by trying all sort of childish nonsense while driving. But fate has something bad in store for them. They cause an accident. Someone is hurt and he starts taking revenge the next day. 

If the person they think is dead who else is taking revenge on them. That is the suspense part to understand which you will have to wait till the climax. The thrill part is how the person (played by Prabhudeva as a blind character). The blind person is hunting down people who cannot speak. This is double jeopardy and thrillingly captured in scene after scene. Does the blind man kill all of them? Who is he? Who was killed in the accident? These are questions for which you seek answers while watching this engrossing thriller. 

The film has excellent cinematography and editing. The background score is another winner. It takes the job of dialouges. Both its sounds and silence add value to the film. There is also good acting by Prabhudeva and the other characters. The film is full paisa vasool which you should not miss. 

4.5/5 is score
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