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The makers of ‘Gaja’ Suresh Gowdru and Srinivasamurthy have shown how big they can think (like huge King elephant) with two towering personality’s power star Puneeth Rajakumar and director Prem coming together for the first time.

The present genre cinema goers craze Puneeth and Prem combination is a five star treatment cinema and the script is very local like the MTR hotel cuisine. What is so wonderful and admirable is Puneeth Rajakumar’s nature of thinking of cinema art. He is so down to earth and given the keys of his image completely to the hands of the director Prem. Director Prem in such a scenario has not completely used the caliber of Puneeth Rajakumar. Yet the film is a full entertainer because of the presence of Puneeth Rajakumar and his electrifying style.

Firstly a director should see to it the hero looks good in every frame on the screen. The hairstyle adopted for Puneeth Rajakumar in this film snatches the full attention. The Kannada audience eyes have seen his father Dr.Rajakumar who looks always superb in his looks whether it is mythological, bond, historical or social films. There was no need on the part of the director Prem to show the similar hairstyle for Puneeth Rajakumar throughout the cinema. When he comes before the camera inside the cinema to become a hero this hair style would have been enough.

The thick black straight hair does not suit Puneeth Rajakumar for a film fully. In addition to it the 4K technology what Prem boasted off the effect is not seen in the film. There is grandeur in the songs and for that the technical aspects and Krishna’s ability has counted a lot.

What is exceedingly great about this film is the simple story told in a circumlocution style. A frightened in the village as he loses 30 plus sheep of his father while watching ‘Babruvahana’ film knows well that he would face the brunt from his father Muthu run away from the village. But finally he comes to the same village with 300 plus sheep and wins the heart of his father.

The lighting scheme used for this village portion is something very interesting to watch. Prem has made his mother in law Mamatha Rao as mother in this film to Puneeth Rajakumar. For number of artists he has given one scene – Shivaram is one such person. For Satyajith, Shanker Ashwath, Thulasi Shivamani there is nothing much to do.

Oh! We forgot to tell you what Muthu does in his life coming to city. He is innocent and hard nut to crack too. He is efficient and helpful in nature. He becomes a junior artist in the cinema leaving his fond ‘Maa’ in the village! He faces a series of insults in the process of becoming a hero at last. But that is not fulfilled completely because an orthodox girl Parvathi is not ready to say ‘I Love You’ for Muthu in the scene. This toughens up the situation for Muthu and he begs her to say this.

Chitrannakke Hoda Mana Chinna Kotru Baralla says Muthu but he had to win Parvathi. It is only when the time comes the things get in to the right order. Parvathi is Akkana Magalu for one Muniraju and Mavana Magalu for Adhi Lokesh. Both are ready to marry her against all odds. How Muthu puts down the anger and wins the heart of Parvathi is all about the rest of the cinema.

Puneeth Rajakumar with five heroines in the opening song of the film Muthu Raja Kalitta Saidu Bidale… very colorful proceedings on the screen. Hai paru Hele Paaru….is superb in shots, Kuch Kuch Adndhidhe Hrudaya….is fantastic….

Every half an hour Puneeth Rajakumar using his muscle power is like ‘Chiroti Oota’ for his fans. The 60 plus feet jump Puneeth Rajakumar makes holds your breath for a few seconds.

The dialogues from Puneeth Rajakumar – Muthu Kodtha Idhre silent aagi thagotha Irabeku….Bhavane firstu Sambhavani nextu…. Dream nanna aim….Muthu Karnatakadha Sampathu….Gandhinagaradalli Kal Eleyokke Kaitha Irthare Beleyakka Bidalla….KASTHURI NIVASA VAMSHA NAMDHU KAI KODO CHANCE ILLA….When Muthu is here no fear…..showing his finger at the sky Puneeth Rajakumar saying Muthu Neene Kano Nijavadha Starru…. 2 dina important…ondhu dina janumadha dina innodhu naav yake huttidivi thilkollakke….

Coming to actress Nisha Kothari alias Priyanka Kothari she is glorious in songs. She sizzles from her looks and costumes.

Harikrishna has given five lilting tunes and Hai paru Hele paaru….is the best. S Krishna is superb throughout. When the smoke fight comes on screen Krishna caliber is spectacular.

Puneeth Rajakumar and Prem combination – Suresh Gowdru and Srinivasamurthy producers have given a Gokulashtami festival treat for the Kannada audience.

Go watch this film without fail.

Banner – Seethabhaireshwari Combines, Producers –Suresh Gowdru, Srinivasamurthy, Story, Screenplay, Direction – Prem, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – S.Krishna, Cast – Puneeth Rajakumar, Nisha Kothari, Murali Mohan, Mamatha Rao, Thulasi Shivamani, Shanker Ashwath, Adi Lokesh, Muniraju, AR Babu, Satyajith, Shivaram, Manju Bhargavi and others – Guest role – Dr Jayaprada, Dr Jayamala, Jayanthi, Bharathi, Urvashi.


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