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Posted date: 24 Sun, Sep 2017 03:04:56 PM
This is a short film with no shortfalls. That is ‘Miss Kaalu’ by director Naresh Babu. The film media watched 30 minutes short film ‘Miss Kaalu’ in the morning and in the evening ‘Sreshtaru’ was another well made short film. Both the short films were screened at Renukamba Digital theatre.

For Miss Kaalu screening the guest of honor was Huchcha Venkat. With lot of humanity and concern of course with patience Huchcha Venkat spoke on the quality making. The first thing he ascertained before coming to watch this short film was whether the short film has vulgarity or shown woman in bad taste. It was not part of this ‘Miss Kaalu’ so Huchcha Venkat graced to wish the makers of the short film.

‘Miss Kaalu’ is about the practical thinking youth. Actor and director Naresh Babu in the arranged marriage after engagement his would be loses a leg on account of his carelessness in driving a two wheeler with mobile phone attending. Because of his mistake his would be loses leg. After that the protagonist becomes practical in saying I cannot marry you because you have no leg.

This irks female lead played by Vandita and the destiny is such that in the next girl what the protagonist marries, he would come to know loss of one leg later on.
Naresh Babu shot for this short film for 14 days spending Rs.3.50 lakhs.  This film has been nominated for Bengaluru festival, Calcutta and Meraki film festivals.
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