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Mooka Vismitha a film based on the ‘Tollu Gatti’ play of 25 minutes written by doyen TP Kailasam is transforming on silver screen from Gurudut Srikanth. For the 1922 atmosphere in the Kailasam play, director, actor and producer Gurudut Srikanth brings in 1950 atmosphere. It has been Srikanth dream of directing film right from 8th standard.

GS appears in three shades in this film ‘Mooka Vismitha’ – Sathu, Pathu, Nagathe, Bhagirathamma….all names given by writer are kept in this film for big screen. GS has kept the caption for the film as ‘Tollu Nirikshe and Gatti Cinema’. However for all the actors he has done workshop before coming to camera.

Sandeep Malani in the field of cinema in the last 25 years is in the role of a religious member of the house with lot of anger, controlling nature etc. The film is taken up for distribution by Sandalwood Movies.

Shuba Raksha is Pathu daughter in law of the family, it is different from all my previous films. Vanishri Bhat in her first film says the film is very good on various factors. The present and past generation has lot of stuff.

Chandrakirthi is in his fourth film and Mavalli Karthik are also in the cast of this film.

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