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Title – Mugulunage, Producer – Syed Salam, Direction – Yogaraj Bhat, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – Sugnan, Cast – Ganesh, Ashika, Nikita, Amoolya, Apoorva Arora, Achyuth Kumar, Rangayana Raghu, Srinivasa Prabhu, Dharmanna, Sagar, Chandan and others.

The much expected film of Yogaraj Bhat and Golden star Ganesh combination is a film for your mind and heart. The graduating part of the film is taking the audience to higher level. Of course there is fun, speedy dialogues, magnificent songs, absorbing cinematography – above all the film has ‘HEART’ – It makes the audience to think themselves in various circumstances.  Yogaraj Bhat study on the subject and his style of narration is peerless. He knows the pulse of the audience of age group of 20 to 60 very well.

The pure love, commitment, obligation, individualism – all unfold in the life of the protagonist Pulakeshi. For that he does not give up his fond family is a film for the present generation to take note. The angry father extreme love, the caring mother cheers up with happiness of son, friends on the other hand not for fun but some serious output all form this ‘Mugulunage’ a must watch film.

In one film you have foursome with all layers coming as accident in the life of Pulakeshi. Pulakeshi is one person who does not know tears in life. He is always a smiley for you. At his birth the doctor says there is nothing wrong with the child but only with the parents. In the two hours life what we see of Pulakeshi, he even collects tears once and his child finally cries.

Firstly it is Vaishali in the life of Pulakeshi. Both fall in love. At the last minute of flying with Vaishali for higher studies he decides against to it. In the second case he is behind a guitar player. He falls in love with Siri a lady with motto of leading individual life. Marriage is not a question for her in life makes Pulakeshi to return to his father choice of meeting Amoolya. Even Amoolya signals her lover affair, the final offer left for Pulakeshi is Apoorva. This Apoorva is a girl with obligation. As obligation becomes very important for her the life of Pulakeshi is what next? You have to watch it on silver screen.

Golden star Ganesh has got the precise role to perform. His smile is asset. His respect to marriage is seen when Siri says ‘Go Ahead’. That is what the Ganesh and Bhat gang gives as a good gift to this generation. Life is not just sex alone, marriage is the one that has loads of happiness you would gauge at this moment.

The dialogues, hair style, costumes, preparation made by Ganesh are impeccable. He leaves a feeling that he has worked what he is supposed to do for three films.

Among four heroines it is Nikita Narayan haunts very much, Ashika for her cantankerous nature is extremely good and Apoorva Aroa girl with obligation in life is perfect. There is not much for Amoolya to emote.

Achyuth Kumar and his wife role in this film ‘Mugulunage’ gives splendid performance. Syed Salam as Murari, Rangayana Raghu, Dharmanna scores in the given opportunity.

The first crowd puller of this film ‘Mugulunage’ is V Harikrishna. In his 100th film he has given melody at his best. Four songs are sure to make a long standing presence. Sugnan in camera is very competent. The editing not becoming loose at any point of time adds extra strength.

Yogaraj Bhat commitment is different from this film. He was making a film for 20 to 30 so far. He has extended his age limit to 60 with family getting priority in this film. Of course he is also getting aged.

Hodi Ombathth….. Watch this film that is must for youths and memorable for elders!


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