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The next stop for this project of one year `Mundina Nildaana` has come. It is 29th November, 2019; the film is hitting silver screens. Before that in various places in USA the screening is taking place on demand.

There was all round applaud for director Vinay Bharadwaj calibre. Releasing a new trailer of the film exactly one year after meeting the media for the first time, the team of director, producers Murali and two others, director Vinay Bharadwaj, actors Dattanna, Praveen Tej, Radhika Narayan and Ananya Kashyap addressed the media of coastal Breeze Productions.

Of course the trailer of the film `Mundina Niladaana` looks extremely good. Vinay Bharadwaj has shown the glimpse of his high quality in making.

One of the four producers Murali thanked for the immense support of media for a good and honest attempt. We have made this film precisely because of passion of good cinema and love for the language besides encouraging new talent he stated. The work in music department has reached Oscar winner AR Rehman is our pride he motioned. We are releasing the film in KRG Studio distribution set up on November 29 he further added.

According to director Vinay Bharadwaj the screening of the film will be held at California, New Jersey and then move on to other regions. We have made special cut for the trailer from Bombay Wizard Company that is specialised in this task he stated.

It was a frank and straight admission from senior actor Dattanna, three time’s national award winner in supporting roles that put the auditorium in some laughter.

Dattanna looking at Radhika Narayan before shooting wondered why this lady has come to cinema acting. Watching the rough cut of the film he has simply become fan of Radhika Narayan. I was so far fan of Hindi actress Madhubala mentioned Dattanna. On the discipline in making, knowledge of Vinay Bharadwaj plus the acting potentiality of Ananya Kashyap and sensitivity in acting from Praveen Tej also got applaud from Dattanna.

On the professionalism, precise mindset and good environment of work actors Radhika Narayan, Ananya Kashyap and Praveen Tej were extremely happy.

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