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One of the richest men in comedy shows is undoubtedly Richard Louis. A writer, director, humorist and simple in living Richard Louis is having every reason to smile for him. He has brought smile in millions of people across the globe from 4000 shows in the last 14 years traveling USA, Canada, European countries, Gulf Countries and of course in most of the places in India.

We had the opportunity speak to this gentleman with high caliber in humor Richard Louis recently at the famous ‘Oni’ of Green House Raj Milan. Richard Louis had come to audio release event of ‘Punaraambha’ of his friend Dr Vijayakumar. Richard Louis acted in a small interesting role too in this film.

Let us go straight in to travel of mind and memorable incidents of this lovable Kannadiga Richard Louis. Actor, Writer of story, screenplay and dialogues in his long and laughable career.

My 49th film for screenplay was for ‘Eleyaru Navu Geleyaru’. The 50th film would be for the story I have narrated and got approval from two powerful personalities Dr Rajakumar and his brother Varadappa.
·         This script was given green signal at the time of story discussion and music composition. According to Richard the concept is still fresh although it is nearly 15 years ago narrated to two leading personalities.

·         Appreciating the high caliber of Varadappa the level of thinking and strength to say ‘No’, Richard Louis learnt in one of the meetings with Rajakumar family.

·         It was during the discussion of ‘Tuvvi Tuvvi’ story discussion. Hamsalekha was to give the tunes. He had no time. Very busy. In front of Dr Rajakumar and Vardappa he cannot finish his work so easily.

·         Hamsalekha in front of Harmonium was releasing tunes. He has the habit of moving Harmonium looking at the psychology. After three rounds of moving Harmonium he finally shifted his attention to Dr Rajakumar. Hamsalekha given one of the old Raagas that is favorite of Dr Rajakumar.

·         This particular was not in taste of Varadappa. Although Dr Raj given his nod for further modulation, the mind of Varadappa was somewhere. He wanted to say ‘No’ for this but he used the brilliant anecdote.

·         At this point we travelled to the days of Telugu film ‘Mayabazaa’ the biggest film in Telugu film industry. It was the famous musician Chalam at work in the beginning. He was expert of various ragas. Director Venkata Reddy was not in tune with one of the tunes. The war of words between Chalam and director Reddy went up. The case came before the producer Nagi Reddy.

·         Next day in another round of discussion of music Chalam scored the same tune. Producer Nagi Reddy very cleverly said this tune will not beat up your so and so tune of earlier film. So what I will make better than that tune he told. The matter ends at this particular point of time.

·         Hearing to this anecdote of ‘Mayabazar’ days Hamsalekha immediately touched the feet of Dr Rajakumar and Varadappa. He said he would come with better tunes. That is Varadappa the finest personality in recognition of talent says Richard Louis.

·         Richard Louis subject for ‘Thuththa Muththa’ when narrated to Varadappa looked different for him and then only the film was made and it was super hit.

·         On direction, screenplay Richard Louis had a lesson in Hollywood. It was at the time of 25 plus films of Richard Louis as screenplay writer and story writer he took a chance to enter Hollywood for three days course in direction.

·         After three days he came to know that he does not know anything about direction. All my calculations went wrong.

·         The dialogue is last resort of this film media. Today we have overtaken everything with dialogue.

·         The cinema is a visual media. Everything should be communicated with visuals and when one ends up saying anything by visual then he can add words. This is the strongest belief in Hollywood. That is true for those who believe in the structure he says.

·         Richard Louis with hundreds of programs like ‘Nage Habba’ is really a Rich Man?

·         No is the answer. He travels in scooter and auto. Occasionally uses his car.

·         We have the great weakness of let us discuss on money matters later on. That is precisely wrong he has understood from a few of his trips.

·         When different Kannada Sanghas know the arrival of Richard Louis at airport, his mobile continuously ring. He has the nature of adjusting and says OK for all those who invite him to give programs.

·         In one of his visits he made just 200 dollars, in another big travel in USA he was able to pocket 2000 dollars, of course with a few scotch bottles.
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