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Title – Masthi Gudi, Producer – Sundar P Gowda and Anil Kumar, Direction – Nagashekhar, Music – Sadhu Kokila, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Cast – Dhuniya Vijay, Anil, Uday, Amoolya, Kriti Karbanda, Rangayana Raghu, Devaraj, Srinivasamurthy, Sadhu Kokila, Tabla Nani, B Jayasri and others.

It was Gandhada Gudi in 70’s, it is Masthi Gudi in 2017. The concept is same – save forest and animals. Where Nagashekhar pinches your heart, mind and make you take tickets to watch this film is value addition to the present generation. Wait and watch, you have Masthi Gudi 2 sequel says the title card at last.

Look at the most sorrow situation of deaths of two actors Anil and Uday taking place at the shooting of this film – Anil and Uday play villains – they are up to make Rs.350 crores by killing 350 tigers in the forest area. In one of the situations Uday says ‘Eno Gadbad Agthide Nanna Pranakke Kuththu his dialogue. There is a lengthy fight the duo has with Vijay. Vijay almost kills them on screen but unfortunately they are killed in real life from helicopter jump.

The much expected Masthi Gudi shift the focus on many issues. It is from Save forest, Tap to Tiger Theory (it is only in one scene Suhasini explains with a demo), the horror effect of Amoolya on Kriti Karbanda, the Masthi Gudi temple significance, the belief of ‘Devru and Devva’ – the villagers doing Poojas for both, the gang attacking Tiger to make money, the vengeance of Amoolya father Srinivasamurthy and brother Shobaraj finally costing her life......all are loaded with mix and match.

The action scenes are very well captured – Dhuniya Vijay has done exceedingly well. In different get ups he uses his muscle power. Tiger, forest attackers ‘I would pulls out their blood and do wash Masthamma he says in the beginning and at the end he says I would suck the blood of Tiger Killers.

Kriti Karbanda for her beautiful looks, lovely presence, and grand performance wins over Amoolya. Amoolya looks pretty with some changes in her eye balls. The character of Amoolya after death is on Kriti Karbanda. Kriti Karbanda on the other hand is an author of the book Masthi Gudi.

Rangayana Raghu, Madhusoodhan, B Jayasri, Srininivasamurthy and Shobaraj have given sterling performance. The required comedy has not come from Tabla Nani and Sadhu Kokila.

Graphics in this film overtakes everything in the film. Some of the shots look like national geographic or animal planet shots.

Sadhu Kokila has efficiently changed the tune of ‘Gandhada Gudi’ Naavaduva Nudiye...with Vijayaprakash voice, another duet song is also efficiently captured in his music. Sathya Hegde is master at his work.

This is 150 minutes 40 seconds cinema is worth watching.

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