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Some of the films are made like this. The content of this makes us to say like this. For the demise of Soundarya and Dr Vishnuvardhana – Nagavalli is the reason attributes this team and thus the hero in the film and heroine as a journalist dig on the issue of reasons relating to death. They find some strange results. The place of ‘Nagavalli’ found out from priests of Sri Ananthapadmanabha Temple in Trivandrum and shoot at ‘Nagavalli Palace’ for five days is the achievement of this film team.

Aptha Mithraru 2 now changed to ‘Nagavalli Vs Apthmithraru on the advice of producer Ramesh Yadav. In 2004 Aptha Mithrararu in 2010 it was Aptha Rakshaka in 2018 it is Nagavalli Vs Apthamithraru. Navirovargu Nammade Hava…Adre Inmunde Nagavallide Hava…. The film is produced by Shwetha Arun and it is co produced by Prabhik Media Works. One romantic song of the film was screened on the first media meet of 2018 at SRV Theatre on Monday morning. The audio CD of the film ‘Nagavalli Vs Apthamithraru’ was released by Govindaraju on this occasion.

Shanker Arun producer of unsuccessful film ‘Sapnoki Raani’ is director of this film. He has plans to release the film ‘Nagavalli Vs Apthamithraru’ in the second week of February. When his concept was not approved by any producer his father Govindaraju came for help to produce. The belief on ‘Athma’ is the concept. Shanker Arun made in depth study on the subject and he addressed the film also the fans of Dr Vishnuvardhana. The hero of the film Vikram Karthik is a fan of Dr Vishnuvardhana. How he finds out the reason for Dr Vishnu death is screenplay of the film. The film got U/A certificate. The Kerala Government has given permission to shoot at Nagavalli Palace that is situated at the border of Tamil Nadu. According to Shanker Arun it is a ‘Manasological horror’ film.

Vaishnavi Chandran agreed to act in this film because of her mother Kavitha insistence. Vaishnavi was not belief in God earlier. After this film she started believing and she has even lord Shiva and his musical instrument as tattoo on her hand. Vaishnavi also expressed her and Vikram Karthi abs going thins for another song. They have lost six kilograms for this particular song.

Vikram Karthik is in two shades in this film and he had taken dance practice with Height Manju for the romantic song shown.

Four songs that includes a bit are in the compositions of Uttam Raj. It is debut for Uttam Raj. Raghavendra Raj Cinemas is distributing the film all over.

Govindaraju father of director Shanker Arun was once a gunman for Dr Rajakumar has close affinity to the family is also builder and former police department employee. He had seen the strain taken by his son in making this film. for good hard work results should come he felt. 
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