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Posted date: 14/June/2009

Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar and producer K.Manju have to answer the reasons behind female bashing in the cinema. Is it the same Nagathihalli who gave lovely sensible films like Nanna Preethiya Hudugi, America America, Amrutha Dhaare and Mathad Mathad Mallige who has done this film? Based on his short story Bhoomi Dundagidhe the leftist approach of the director leaves a lot of mistakes on the screen. One among a few is the attack on ‘Mother India’!


  • Hennu anno simbaladalli Sik Hakondu Vaddadodhu Yaake!
  • Athee Ketta Hengasaru Ketta Hengasaru..Olle Hengasu anno category Illa…
  • Love ge innodhu Arthane Mosa
  • Preethi mado hage natisu anubhavisi avala amalu ilisu
  • Madhu agthini antha promise maadu madhuve mathra agbeda
  • Mathodudhu Kali Desha Halu Madabahudhu
  • Nagu Jagattannu adikondu Nagu…
  • College Ge Current Beku antha lecturer helodhu
  • Madhuve, Magu, Namakarana Crime
  • Neevu Belagge Reshme Seere Utkondu Yaradra Karithara antha Kaitha Irthira
  • Pavitra Yavaga Agona Apavithra….
  • Lecturer lecturers ge sikka patte bayyodhu…
  • Preethi Mathra Madabeku…Madhuve Agabaradhu…..

There are many such blunders from Nagthi and his team in this ‘OJL’ that hurts the women fraternity in general. Taking to task so much we have not heard so far in the career of Nagathihalli. Is he going back to the days of Upendra. He also has wife, children mother, chikkamma, doddamma in life. Why Nagthi took such extreme step. It is the character that tells is not an excuse.

By just making statements picked from top writers and using it here in the film does not make an interesting film. What Nagathi has to say becomes very important! He has corrupted his thought on women. In the days of lack of audience a director like Nagathi makes such wrong statements the family audience would not look in to the theatres. This is Hale Kote’s Hale Kathenu Alla.

The point of Mosa Madi Preethi Mada Bahudhu, Preethi Maadi Mosa Madahabudhu, Preethi Premakkintha Hasivu, Badathana, Avamana should be taken serious is very interesting. Democracy road to socialism – there is no democracy, no road is good. Badathana textbook Society syllabus is also good but not the remaining contents. The focus ‘Lekka Bittavanu Loka Bitta’ should have been more serious.

Finally the film has some unanswered questions. After four years Balu returns to Hale Kote to see his Hale girlfriend. He finds her in the railway station with a kid that is named Balu but the husband is Kitty’s friend (played by Rajanikanth). What happened to the villain Ninasam Ashwath, how did Balu’s friend got married to Rukmini, is it not a ‘Mithra Droha’ to marry a friend fiancé, if not under what circumstances Rukmini got married should have been answered instead of Nagthi appearing in the train indulging in talking to Balu and questioning his two dreams. The completeness of a director whether it is a bad film or good film has to be made available.

It is a boom rang for Kitty once again. He was taken to task for playing such a role in ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’. Kitty’s father in law the renowned editor of Hai Bangalore Ravi Belegere respect the woman so much that is evident from the columns of Hai Bangalore – then how come Kitty accept such nasty bite on female. The long hair big spectacle is an obstacle for a hero.

Radhika Pandit is not only beautiful but also wonderful on screen. The father role played by Radhika on screen is quite impressive.

Once again Mano Murthy proved that he is mono! Camera work by Ajay Vincent is very good.

Lekka Chukka Pakka Agilla!

Producers –K Manju and Balaji

Story, screenplay, dialogue and direction - Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar

Music – Mano Murthy

Cinematography – Ajay Vincent

Cast – Srinagara Kitty, Radhika Pandit, Rangayana Raghu, Mandya Ramesh, Daisy Boppanna and others.


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