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Title – Pritiya Rayabhari, Producer SR Venkatesh, Direction – M M, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Rajesh Kata and Dil Raja. Cast – Nakul, Anjana Deshpande, Charan Raj, Madan, Padmaja Rao, Suchindra Prasad, Muni, Sadhu Kokila, Victory Vasu, Lakshmi Siddaiah and others.

Every crime has punishment. But gruesome punishment is not allowed in the Indian judiciary. Yet the present generation feels such fear should surmount in the society as the crime especially ‘RAPE’ does not happen again.

The title ‘Pritiya Rayabhari’ is fit for the first half and in the second half the title could have been different. Director MM Muthu has taken the drastic step in teaching a lesson.

Ptiti is punctured! That is the fate of Ravi and Nandini (Nakul and Sukrutha Deshpande). They fall in love and parents of respective families agree for marriage. In one of the outings of the lovely lovers – tragedy strikes. To give punishment for such crimes the director has thought of a gruesome act.

There is politics too in the film. MLA (Charan Raj) son is saved with lot of tactics. Money power wins. One would feel the upright cop Muni role should have been further given prominence. When the video recording of rape transfer from one mobile to another we would think something is going to happen and Cop Muni would get further strength. No such things happen.

Nakul in his first film has excelled in dance and action. He fits as a good pair to a beautiful Sukrutha Deshpande. The dubbing for Sukrutha is very well done. Charaj Raj is a cool killer. Sadhu Kokila comedy is kick at places.

There are three good songs from Arjun Janya. The dream song, duet and hero introduction song are well composed by popular composer.

The cinematography is another plus point of this 136 minutes film ‘Pritiya Rayabhari’. This is a film you can watch and climax is dangerous one.

Score – 3/5


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