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Duration - 126 minutes, Category – family drama, Rating – 3.5/5

Title – Nam Gani B Com Pass, Producer – Nagesh Kumar, Direction – Abhishek Shetty, Music – Vikas Vasishta, Cast – Abhishek Shetty, Aishani Shetty, Rachana, Pallavi Gowda, Natyaranga, Suchendra Prasad, Manjunath Hegde, Dinesh Mangaluru, Shanker Ashwath, Asharani, Raghu Pandaveshwar, Jahangir and others.

A film by first time director and actor Abhishek Shetty is not just pass but with first class! Working very hard on every detail Abhishek Shetty comes out in flying colors in both acting and direction.

For all freeloaders, those who feel that they have obtained degree and big job is waiting – there is a lesson. For the elders also there is good message – have confidence in children as they grow, they are better torch bearers of their life. Living in false prestige is another aspect this film touches in convincing manner.

Producer Nagesh Kumar has given a right hearing and made right pick. With first class results for him this ‘Nam Gani B Com Pass’ is having all requisites of a family film.

Gani (Abhishek Shetty) has passed B Com but sitting idle at home for last three years. His father intends his son to take up good respectable job because his son is graduate, in fact is a big bane in Gani life. Gani attends over one and half dozen interview – he is not picked because he does not know English.

Gani with the help of his friend read an advertisement and fall into a wrong trap. The drug business at the burial ground when they support out of innocence is a big lesson in life.

Gani after all pain joins a hotel as supplier. Before that he meets beautiful Aishani Shetty. To teach a lesson she marries Gani. Gani thinking that she is rich once again gets duped but for a good end.

In fact Aishani is in love from school time and she even saves Gani from suicide at one stage. What happens in the life of Gani – you can watch easily in theatres.

Abhishek Shetty is fine as an actor and his direction ability is impressive. He has not given scope for double meaning dialogues, vulgarity etc. He has the winning ability of family audience hearts.

Aishani Shetty is a treat to watch for her innocence and soft dialogue delivery. Rachana is another girl strike from her daring performance.

Natyaranga is a good pick from this film in character roles. Suchindra Prasad as astrologer has given his best. Sudha Belawadi and Manjunath Hegde steal the show whenever they appear on screen.

There are three lovely tunes from Vikas Vasishta. He has a great future ahead. Cinematography is above average for this film.


Nam Gani B Com Pass is made by a passionate team. There are many good qualities that draw family audience to theatres.

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