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Undoubtedly one of the best thinkers and social relevant subject’s film maker Ganeshan in Prabhakaran Movies is scaling heights.

For his 12th film he has gone international in reach and got accolades. That is `Namma Magu` a film on human trafficking. This film has bagged entries to 14 international festivals and pocketed an international award. The go-getter with a lot of ideals and good outlook, Ganeshan addressed the media on the teaser release of the film at Sri Chamundesware Studio on Thursday evening.

Passing a career of 30 years Ganeshan 12 films are different from one another. And a film like `Navabharathi` got him rich accolades but not money. The film made in Rs.32 lakhs earned Rs.5 crores when it was released in other languages. The bank balance of Ganeshan was looking feeble.

The sad part of the film `Namma Magu` was that it was not received well by the Karnataka State and the National Film awards but it was able to get entries and appreciations from 14 international platforms. `Namma Magu` is now in demand from UNESCO. It got a standing ovation in a few places. This film also did not get the subsidy given to the children films is another worry of Ganeshan who richly deserves motivation.

Ganeshan, coming up in life as an office boy in a multinational company, owns his own advertising agency today. Films are his favorite from 1987. His films like Asha Jyothi, Naane Sathya, Navabharathi in late 80`s were talk of the town. He has done almost all types of socially relevant films.

The new film of Ganeshan coming up is `Prithsu` on the advice of his godfather music maestro Ilayaraja. This is going to ring the cash registers he hopes. This is released in other languages too. Maestro Ilayaraja has scored music is another acclaim.  

From `Prithsu` I am sure of getting audiences to theatres. `Jana Yamariso Cinema Madu` was the advice he got from Ilayaraja and that is what he has followed on the subject `Love`.

Ganeshan appealed to the state government to give child actor awards for at least three children as there are plenty of films and children do not get such accolades again.

Mewish acted in `Namma Magu` in 2017 and she is studying in 6th standard today. She was hopeful of getting awards because of the difficult work involved. For 15 days she was like a child beggar on the city roads. Children of her age also in to begging is another matter of concern for Mewish. Mewish acted in `Savinilaya` and this is her second film.

Smt Nalini Ganeshan, assistant director Sharavana Kumar and co director of the film Subhash Chandra and others were present at the teaser release of the film ‘Namma Magu’.

A few of the foreign audience watched this film ‘Namma Magu’ and their appreciation on the making of the film by director and producer Ganeshan was also screened on this occasion.

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