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Posted date: 17 Fri, Nov 2017 11:42:48 PM
Title – Nan Magale Heroine…. Hero Opkondre, Producers - Kaala Bhaireshwara Combines NG Mohan Kumar, Patel R Annadhanappa (Talagatapura), Direction – Bahubali, Music – Ashwamithra, Cinematography – Gundulpet Suresh, Cast – Sanchari Vijay, Amrutha, Deepika, Tabala Nani, Vijay Chendur, BC Patil, Gaddappa and others.
Like most of the films released so far the first half is not strong enough to lift the film in this ‘Nan Magale Heroine’. The second half events director Bahubali has concentrated very well. The suspense part of the film is quite OK, the performances of the prominent actors in this film with quick sidekicks from Tabla Nani, Pawan Kumar, Vijay Chendur and DD is a treat to watch.
The aspirant director Vijay gets the right producer Anna Rai (BC Patil) and before the muhurut he wants to have rehearsals because of the demand of Anna Rai – his daughter (Deepika) should be the heroine is the condition. Vijay has different mindset in him. He wants his lover Amrutha to take up the heroine position.
With no alternative Vijay as director accepts because he has ailing mother and sister at home. The rehearsal portions are impressive and the day of muhurut, the hero does not turn up and heroine – daughter of Anna Rai elope with Pawan Kumar one of the writers of the film.
This development is very shocking for Vijay, Tabla Nani and Vijay Chendur. The man behind this development is DD, a right hand of Anna Rai. Rest of the developments you have to watch in the theatres.
One song of Ashwamithra is very good in melody = a duet song on Vijay and Amrutha. Gundulpet Suresh has done competent work in his camera.
Vijay – national award winning actor has given a cool and composed performance. Amrutha is a beauty to watch. Comedy tracks have come out well in this film. BC Patil with ‘Kaurava’ voice appeals in his role. DD Character in this film is very promising. 
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