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For every parent daughter is heroine and son is hero. Here is a case of Kannada film ‘Nan Magale Heroine’ – this is what father tells to his daughter. The film is ready with final copy, the first step of publicity began at The City Institute on Saturday night via audio release of the film.

Director Bahubali is impressed with good songs given by the music director. Within completion of a coffee noted director Yogaraj Bhat has written a song for us. The message in this film is told via comedy. Kaviraj the popular lyricist given three songs in variety – this would also bring lot of female fans for the writer expressed Bahubali.

Kaviraj wished the Telugu ‘Bahubali’ director status for Kannada film director Bahubali from this film. Producer Patel R Annadanappa is of the opinion that ‘Abhimani Devarugalu’ bless him for his film he would continue to do more films. NG Mohan Kumar co producer disclosed the contents in the songs.

Vijay Chendur known for comedy these days said every time he comes before the media with this film his level of confidence is increasing. Director is ‘Vishwaasa Mithra’ but music director is Ashwamitra. Music director Ashwamithra thanked producer and director for giving him opportunity score music.

Heroines of the film Deepika, Amrutha Rao expressed satisfaction of work, Maja Talkies Pawan Kumar feels delivering a kid is easy but delivery comedy is difficult.

There are very competent actors in this film and he is not hero in this film mentioned humble Sanchari Vijay.

The mike coming to permanent Kaurava of Kannada cinema BC Patil said he intends to make his daughter as heroine. No one comes to this industry to make a bad film. With the efforts of all a film is made. Many fathers come up when the film is success. When it is flop, it is only director who takes the onus. It is always the morning show the audience says it is good the film stands. Looking at the sub caption ‘Hero Opkondre’ for the film Patil changed it to ‘Prekshaka Opkondre’ for the present situation. He remembered people giving him good status from Kaurava.

The trailer and two songs of the film were screened at the audio release. The film is set for release in October second week.

The Kannada film ‘Nan Magale Heroine’ has come up with a thought of dedicating the film to all father and daughter of this country.

The selfi of father and daughter is coming in thousands for the film team headed by director Bahuhali. 25000 photos have reached the team already. All the photos come up on silver screen is a good mileage for the film to get crowd to the theatres.

‘Nan magale heroine’ also stars Bullet Prakash, Tabla Nani and others. Thithi fame Gaddappa is in full suit costume in this film. The shoot was held in Mangaluru, Kundapura, Udupi and Rajasthan. Gundulpet Suresh stood behind camera. 

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