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Title – Nanjundi Kalyana, Producer – Shivanna Dasanapura, Direction – Rajendra Karanth, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Manjunath Naik, Cast – Thanush, Shravya, Kuri Pratap, Padmaja Rao, Manjunath Hegde, Rajendra Karanth and others.

It is ‘Nanjundi Gay Kalyana’ – that later becomes Nanjundi Kalyana in the end. Why is this system adopted by director Rajendra Karanth? For that you have to watch this film made with some message too besides good comedy, cinematography, good music and production values.

A boxing champion protagonist Nanjundi gets a call from his father that he should something to stop the height of head weight of his mother played by Padmaja Rao. The status and affluence has put husband and son in jeopardy.

So Nanjundi in abroad comes to India to give a shock to his mother. He marries a gay – Kuri Pratap. This is a highly kept suspense for the mother. His intention is it to bring her to think in equality.

In disguise Kuri Pratap comes with Nanjundi to the huge house and that is a big shock. All plans of mother to dislodge this pretending gay couple go in vain. In this house is Vindhya and Nanjundi is in love with her secretly. How to bring this issue before the mother is another major task.

The masculine power lacking in son because of his two years stay abroad is another drama enacted with the help of a doctor. Nanjundi explains that a tonic given to him to drink converted him to look at gay for a match. This is again a drama to get back his masculine power (Gandasthana). At this time the match for Nanjundi is secret lover Vindhya.

Rest you to watch it on silver screen.

Thanush in comedy and emotional scenes is too good. Shravya has a simple and sensible role. Kuri Pratap is excellent and perhaps this mother of all heroes Padmaja Raj has given her best and length of the role is quite huge. Manjunath Hegde as husband of Padmaja Rao is apt. Rajendra Karanth dialogues for the film his delivery in the film is convincing.

Anoop Seelin has brought in another top melody song a duet shot extremely well on Thanush and Shravya. Cinematography gives the color and mood precisely.

This is the kind of film needed for present day society. You will have a good laugh too in this film.

Score – 3.5/5

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