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Posted date: 03 Sat, Feb 2018 09:52:30 AM
The hero cum producer of 2018 ‘Najundi Kalyana’ Thanush Shivanna has announced an award of Rs.50000 to those who do not laugh after watching the film set for release. It will be a lucky dip contest.

Screening three songs Neththimiliro Toogukaththiya Kelagiliso Dhammayya….shot on Thanush and Kuri Pratap, Sanna Sanna Karana….Yava Maaye Neenu Kaviyagode Naanu Alankarada Taraha…a romantic song on Thanush and Shravya – the team of ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’ spoke to the media persons at SRV Theatre.

Two of the songs were captured in exotic locations of Bangkok. Each one has worked for the film with great concern remembered Thanush. The approach is that film should win he stressed. As director Rajendra Karanth was in USA the media meet was in his absence. The release is in February end or March first week informed Thanush. The film got A certificate because of the Gay and Lesbian aspects in the film.

Anoop Seelin has scored music for two songs and rest is from Satish. I have worked because of Thanush and done the background score. It is elegant and class. Arasu Anthare has lent lyrics for my song. The story, screenplay is impressive he pointed.

Comedy actor Satish is part of the cast because of director Rajendra Karanth. More than laughing at the time of shooting at dubbing time I have laughed a lot say Satish.

Shravya in the lead role says she got a good song from Anoop Seelin. There is no comparison to earlier Nanjundi Kalyana. This is a neat and clean cinema she said.

Suprith a long time friend of Thanush is distributing the film all over Karnataka. He could not distribute earlier two films of Thanush because he was not in the field. He came to distribution from Bharjari cinema. I do a good job for my friend stated Suprith.

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