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The latest ‘Nanjundi’ – actor Thanush in his third film is having reel and real life ‘Kalyana’ – the reel Kalyana is taking place in theaters from 6th April and in his real life he is getting married to Inchara on 20th of April.

Looking gleeful Thanush in his third film (his earlier two were Ale and Madamakki) is hoping for good results. After five minutes of character introduction it is laugh riot he promises on his ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’. There is a touch of Lesbian and Gay in the film but for the new bench mark such issues are taken for the film. He had seen the reactions of the people for this film. In two shows he had seen people in laughing mood. They were cross section of people he adds.

Thanush producer and hero of the film was unhappy with KFCC backing out after taking promise from film producers set for release on 9th and 16th March. Whether to believe KFCC in the coming days or not is working in his mind. On 25 percent reduction of UFO and Qube tariff that would reduce Rs.1 lakh is not a great thing he stated.

Director Rajendra Karanth used the opportunity to take a dig at ‘Rajaratha’ – it is because of big in making that film was given opportunity. For the film makers it might be big and small dream – money is same. I have seen the films faring in foreign countries as I finished my trip recently. I was in Toronto and in Padmavate film the Telugu version Rajaratham trailer was shown. The film team did not show respect to Kannada ‘Rajaratha’. The KFCC taken responsibility of release in order failed to convince ‘Rajaratha’ team and it is not right move on KFCC part he stated. Why should they break the rules they have framed asked Rajendra Karanth.

Rajendra Karanth turning attention on his film ‘Nanjundi Klayana’ firmly says good effort has been put in.  there is double meaning, laugh medicine is sure to be acceptable for all sectors of people he stated. Apparently Rajendra Karanth is praying for 500 years old Ganesha idol that is behind Victoria Hospital for success and Thanush is praying Lord Anjaneya for success he said.
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