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The word ‘Nathicharami’ is uttered at the time of tying the wedding Mangalasutra. That means I promise! Director of national fame from first film ‘Harivu’ – Masore (Manjunatha Somashehkara Reddy) has taken up a film based on the story and dialogues Sandhyarani.

In the present context the relevance of marriage is diluting. The promise made at the time of marriage is forgotten. It is time from this film to remind everyone on this promise. The couple would be reminded on this marriage time promise via three shades tucked in the film. In the present generation why we have giving up such things and what should be the right way you would know from the perspective of this film director. Mansore wanted to give up film direction after ‘Harivu’ but he got the right producer Shivashanker Reddy to continue.

It is the life of a traditional family in urban life – the city traffic, personal life, professional life compels the female protagonist to forget ‘Nathicharami’ meaning. How she handle the situation is explained in this film. Another meaning of ‘Nathicharami’ the female protagonist would come to know.

Shruthi Hariharan in the role of Gowri Mahesh says this is interesting role in her career of five years. I have scope to give good performance. Actress always looks for happiness in the role. This is one such. What she wants and her compulsions are portrayed in the film. She gets the new meaning in life and such things would have happened to many in the society.

Produce Jaganmohan Reddygaru is investing on this film. He is a contract businessman. This is the first script of Smt Sandhya for the film. She had done script work for stage plays.

There will be sink sound for this film says Mahaveer, music composer is Bindhu Malini, Guruprasad is cameraman,

Balaji Manohar as psychiatrist, Gopalakrishna Deshpande, Sharanya, Pawan, Vallabha, Shwetha Srinivas, Grishma Sridhar, Harshil and others are in the cast.

NR Ramesh politician, national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay, noted producer K Manju were guests for the muhurut of ‘Nathicharami’.

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