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Duration – 138 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 3.5/5

Title – Navarathna, Producer CP Chandrasekhar,  Director – Pratap Raj, Music – Vengi, Cinematography – Rijo P John, Lakshmi Raj, Cast – Pratap Raj, Moksha Kushal, Amit B Raj, Sharat Lohitashva, Bala Rajawadi, Swathi and others.

While it is a beauty to watch this film ‘Navarathna’, we have a beauty Moksha Kushal who is no less to any Hindi cinema actress. A new team film has all the ingredients of a commercial film. What Pratap Raj had told at the media meets that the film is very good – he lives up to the expectation with multiple responsibilities. Set in the thick forest area for most of the part, the sand art narration of 800 years old tale that leads to formation of ‘Navarathna Haara’ is interesting to watch. Kudos to sand artist of the film!

‘Navarathna’ has good contents and the flow of screenplay is having many guessing elements. The depiction of ‘Navarathna Hara’ of 800 years old and whoever wears it will meet an end does not apply to hero Pratap Raj. Yet the thrilling moments in the forest and final destination of ‘Navarthna Haara’ is well narrated. The precious jewel fitted ‘Navarathna Hara’ in the last scene once again snatched from the idol of Lord Shiva – this gives a room for the sequel of this film possibility.

At the restricted forest area the forest officer demand for safe dispatch of Moksha to Pratap and Amit who are on their way. Moksha is a stranger in the duo journey in jeep. On the way they lose the route. Moksha demands that she wants to take the wildlife photographs. By compulsion Pratap and Amit accompany this lovely lady. The overnight stay in the forest, discovery of the proper reason for Moksha compulsion develops the screenplay to captivating way.

When Pratap discover that Moksha is having the Navarathna Hara the curiosity further builds up. In the coming up developments there are further more thrill and action that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Moksha Kushal is a beauty to watch without blinking eyes. She has great future in Kannada filmdom. Pratap Raj fits the role for his macho build and ability to do action. The dream songs actually do not fit the flow of the film. Amit Raj in comedy track gives very funny moments.

The cinematography takes the major marks for this film. Two songs are extremely good in melody, costumes and lyrics are fine.

‘Navarathna’ is a film that you can add it to your list of entertainment.

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