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The subscriber you have dialed is busy! This is the Kannada film title ‘Neevu Kare Madida Chadadararu Busy Agiddaare’ – That is true in real life after retirement for so many. The people connected to such a person do not pick phone or they will be busy.
Look who is doing that retired person role – Dynamic star Devaraj. He is taking on another Ananthnag kind of role. Graduation no, it is post graduation for Devaraj. He has three yesteryear heroines, Bhavya, Thara and Shruthi. There is Pooja of ‘Thithi’ fame and Niranjan Deshpande.
Samuel Tony who made ‘Doodhsagar’ has got this subject in an irritation he faced. When he jumped deep in to it the final script was ready for him. It is not the usual kind of subject. Dynamic star will be having special get up – a beard is coming and that is imported from makeup man of Mumbai Subhash. Looking at some of the films of Shruthi, director Samuel made a portion, Subbaiah Kuttappa is cameraman for this film.
According to Devaraj a humble actor all roles are equal in this film. When a person goes looking for friendship he finds them busy. This is a new generation cinema from old actors was his observation.
Thara and Shruthi both BJP active members this role is similar to the one she has done recently of Hebbat Ramakka and Savithri Bai Phule. Director has done good script he stated. It is Devaraj who showed his get up photos and briefed about this film at the time of ‘Hebbat Ramakka’ shooting. I got interest to be part of this film stated Thara.
Shruthi was baffled when director said he had seen her films and made a character for the film. When he came home he did not say anything of that sort she mentioned. It is a small and interesting role according to Shruthi. One of the finest actors with lot of sensibilities is Devaraj. I have acted with him for more than 10 films and after long gap part of his film is happy thing for Shruthi.
Pooja with same type of costumes in her previous two films Thithi and Mooka Hakki is having grand costume in this ‘NKMCBA’.
Subbaiah Kuttappa who worked in Mumbai for 15 years and stood behind some of the Hollywood films in Indian portion of shooting is back to his home town looking after coffee plantation. At this time he got this offer. He worked for a few days to ‘Sakkare’ Kannada cinema and a Tulu film he held the camera.
Niranjan Deshpande did not ask anything about his role with Samuel Tony when he said senior actors is part of the film.
Madhusudhan HN running a sole trading firm is investing on this film and also acting in an important role. Manoj George a violin specialist hailing from Kerala scores music for four songs.
Sri of Crazy Mindz said his phone will be busy once the work comes for his editing table. 


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