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Title = Nishyabda 2, Producer – Tharanath Bolar, Direction – Devaraj Kumar, Music – Satish Aryan, Cinematography – Veenus Murthy, Cast – Avinash, Roopesh Shetty, Aradhya Shetty, Petrol Prasanna, a Dog and others.
You have to watch this film for terrific second half. The entry of Avinash character as a blind army officer retired is a Paisa Vasool for audience. The speed and guts of the film is actually from second half.
Had the director Devaraj Kumar brought in the same force of second half in the first half, he would have been a winner in the box office without doubt.
Three in the gang Roopesh Shetty, Aradhya Shetty and Petrol Prasanna want money for some purpose. It is very important for all the three to get a big booty. Among a few of the studies the trio makes the house of a retired Army officer who is blind – Avinash becomes a challenging task. Trio study the latest gadgets in the house of a blind. They have to rob Rs.5 crores in the house.
It is only blind retired military officer in the huge bungalow with a ferocious dog that works on the snap sound. Firstly the trio has to get rid of dog and secondly silence the retired officer for half an hour. In this time they have to complete the task.
Once the trio enters the house the film screenplay speed up with quick developments! How the blind retired Army personnel Avinash take on the intruders to his house is very captivating. Perhaps the last one hour is very fascinating part of the film.
Avinash is too good in this ‘Nishyabda 2’. He has showed his excellence in acting. Roopesh is convincing, Aradhya Shetty is quite OK, there is good role for Petrol Prasanna.
The dark atmosphere in the film is well captured, sound effects are deadly, editing is quick, and music from Satis Aryan is impressive.
Those who love thrill should watch this film – it is for Avinash and one and only Avinash capabilities you can buy the ticket to watch this film.
 3/5 ***
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