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Title – Noorondu Nenapu, Producers – Sooraj Desai and Manish Desai, Direction – Kumaresh, Music – Gagan Baderia, Cinematography – SK Rao, Cast - Chetan Kumar , Rajavardhana, Meghana Raj, Sushmitha Joshi, Archana, Rajesh Nataranga, Veena Sunder, Sidlingu Sridhar, Kausthub and others.

We live in memories. We wish others remember us after departure from this world. The protagonist is one such character. He wants his friends, wife and others to remember him. Before this development the protracted first half and interesting second half gives the musical chair of love. The memory basket is full of outdated theme. The ups and downs in live and love is common in this film that is based on ‘Dhuniya Dhari’ made in Marathi language.

The film lacks good support in the screenplay in the first half. It is routine and every scene is as you expect. The hero Chetan Kumar is like an underdog. The second hero Rajavardhan a ruffian cuts a sorry figure when he is driven away in love. There is Meghana Raj on the verge of marriage to another boy a villain of the film Yash Shetty.

While the love of Rajavardhana is lost to another boy because of his ruffian nature, the love of Chetan Kumar and Meghana Raj is procured after a battle. The hero has acute health problem. After delivery of a child he dies. He wants his memory to live with others – the last wish.

Chetan Kumar is not having the heroic status in the film. He has ‘Nose’ for acting. He is like an underdog in the film. Rajavardhan is tremendous. Meghana Raj is very beautiful and so is Sushmitha Joshi.

Yash Shetty as villain reminds Raghuvaran, yesteryears villain. Pallaki has roared, Shobaraj has scored as Koli Naga.

There are two lilting tunes from Gagan Baderia, the 1989 and 1980 is not taken care of by director Kumaresh in his debut direction.

Forget the first half, watch this one for dillydallying of love in the second half.

3/5 ***

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