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Nataraja Service Service to humanity!
Posted date: 17 Thu, Nov 2016 06:44:07 PM

Title – Nataraja Service, Producers = Surya –Chandra NS Rajakumar, Direction – Pawan Wadeyar, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Arul, Cast – Sharan, Mayoori, Rockline Venkatesh, Ravishanker, Silli Lalli Anand and others.

The Thursday release of ‘Nataraja Service’ is like service to humanity is like service to God. A thief doing yeomen service for the best life of his accidental lover and later enjoying the cream of life is crux of this ‘nataraja Service’.

Director Pawan Wadeyar had made a neat blend of Hindu and Muslim unity. When the hero Sharan brings heroine Mayoori to a muslim Mantrik a sacred lemon is given to Mayoori. This should be opened in the left leg at a Durga temple says the character Ravishanker.

In the opening we have the song Alla Alla...Nataraja barthanalla.... Yes. Nataraja comes, there ought to be something missing. The overall missing is gripping tale.

Right from milk packet to various small things he snatches. His motto is to live happily in a prison because ‘Anna Sambar’ served at this place is good. He is looking for bigger loot so that he can permanently live in the Parappana Agrahara.  Rs.1 crore of loot from unique bank done by inmate in prison Anand accidentally comes to him and there is a bonus of Sahana (Mayoori) that he has to manage. The police now corner Nataraja with Rs.1 crore and bring him to lock up. It is a different police station. When the message of loot money captured reaches higher official is passed the further investigation reveals that Nataraja has not done bank robbery. He is left free. This is what he did not want to happen.

Now girl on his side he makes an attempt to change her fortune. She is ‘Laththe’....there is a song with that word in the film. She is a misfortune girl. How he changes her fortune  and what jerk Sahana faces again is what you have to watch.

Why is this slapping on the face of comedy hero Sharan time and again in the film? A junior artist slapped Sharan in his previous film. In this film, heroine slaps him several times. Even in pitiable condition Sharan has tried to give some relief. He is emotionally good friends.

Mayoori is not comfortable in her role. She is shaky and required punch has not come from her. Ravishanker is quite OK.  As a chocolate cop Rockline Venkatesh has given a free performance.

Anoop Seelin is winner in music. He has given three best songs in this film. Arul cinematography is impressive.

The film with 115 minutes and 8 seconds is a free time watch.  

Score – 4/5 ****

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