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Title – Tiger Galli, Producer – Yogesh Kumar, Direction – Ravi Srivatsa, Music – Sridhar Sambram, Cinematography – Mathew Rajan, Cast – Ninasam Satish (double role), Yamuna Srinidi, Bhavana Rao, Roshani Prakash, Ananthavelu, Pooja Lokesh, Shivamani, BM Giriraj, Sai Krishna, Deepu, Deepak,Yogesh and others.
It is the glory and ghastly from the beginning to end. Ravi Srivatsa as director and KV Raju as story, screenplay and dialogue writer have bombarded from start to finish. It is a pack of lorry load of dialogues, sentiments, action, conspiracy, good substance, killings, revenge, political supremacy….it goes on in this ‘Tiger Galli’ of 143 minutes.
In four years span of time Ravi Srivatsa has done tremendous work for his film. You would find a dictionary of all words in his dialogue oriented cinema. He has some frustration on the system and politics taking everything under control. The police are puppet in his narration at the end gets the supremacy.
The system is not at all good is usually told in cinema, in this system everything can be made fake and corrupt. Ravi Srivatsa shows the way how the entire judiciary could be made fake when the chief minister and henchmen are at stake. The court hall is fake in fact shakes the justice who is in her position. That is when the extreme is directed by cop Shiva – Chief Minister, Gajendragad and Jayaraj in the court hall should be immediately taken to judicial custody is a costly asking. When the cop takes the judge for a round on the corruption in all areas supported by chief minister – the scene is different in the court hall.
Ravi Srivatsa is brilliant but that should not mean he should give four films contents in just one film. The entire film is like a 150 kilometers speedy ride in a busiest city market locality. What is impossible he has made it possible! This could be possible when the system is not clean he shows the example.
Come to dialogue department – Ravi Srivatsa should have exercised control on KV Raju dialogues, there was need of toning of certain words, and heads rolling in two places, the bad word usage should not be shown on silver screen at the behest of ‘A’ certificate.
What is this Tiger Galli? It is Peede Sandhi in Tigalarapete. Known as Tiger Galli today is ruled by dons. While Srirampura is mother of rowdies, this 12 ‘Petes’ in surroundings of City Market is father to rowdy activities. On the request of chief minister the rowdy Jayaraj is released. Police has no control over it. Jayaraj and gang nefarious activities go beyond control. The new lady cop arrest Jayaraj at one point but she taken to task by the system.
So Vishnu a strong youth in the locality Tiger Galli urge police to do something. The commissioner of police says one hour law and order will not work and you can do what has to be done. Vishnu attempt goes in vain. He is beaten black and blue first and secondly he falls prey to his lover request, pays penalty of his life.
At this moment twin brother of Vishnu – Shiva comes to take control of the situation. The three rabble rousers are made to come to court. Next is pack of some more dashing developments.
Ninasam Satish has struggled very hard. Perhaps he has not put so much of effort to any of his previous films. Roshani Prakash is very progressive and promising.
Shivamani has imitated or rather looks like Dr Vishnuvardhana in his presence on screen. He is of course a deadly like Ayyappa Sharma who is in Jayaraj role. Pooja Lokesh as judge given her best performance.
Yogesh Kumar as fake cop in the film has given very punching performance. He has that look required. He could take up some more films in the coming days.
Yamuna Srinidi is at her best. A Bharatanatyam dancer has done ‘Rudra Thandava’ in her role. Bhavana Rao role is not that compelling. Saikrishna, BM Giriraj are other two tormentors given gruesome best.
There are two tunes well composed by Sridhar Sambram, editing is like bullet train, cinematography by Mathew Rajan is tremendous as the struggle is too much for the profession.
It is a double mass film – one for pre and post interval. YKF films has satisfied the masses more than enough. 
 3/5 ***
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