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This is the emotional best of director Om Saiprakash. In an emotional film director Saiprakash has not left out any ingredients to catch the attention of commercial audience. Forget about the logic and some length in excess this film in a combined effort is excellent.

The flood effects in the beginning and the end and the rerecording done for it is not far away from any high standard Indian cinema. The flood in the climax where the protagonist saves those who are taking revenge on him and his sister is absolutely inspired from ‘Boothaina Maga Ayyu’. The title indicates god has given the sister and although the attempt is made to give it back to the god via sacrifice or ‘Basuri Hengasina Kerege Haara’ that is averted by the director with a high melodrama. Lost in the flood sister where did she deliver the child and left it on a safe place is unimaginable.

Shivu (Shivarajakumar) can leave anything in his life but not his sister Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine). He is so innocent when he asks horoscope is done for poor people or not. The beauty of Shivu is that he maintains the innocence and nature of doing well throughout the cinema and his dialogue is also exemplary.

On finding that his sister goes to a rich family as daughter in law Shivu wonders how. But destiny does bring his sister Lakshmi to the place where he is working as servant. So Shivu is taking a look at his sister safety always. But this is turned down by the inmates of huge rich family. Shivu faces insult in front of his sister but that is uncontrollable for the sister. On a burglary charge sister Lakshmi sees to it her brother is out from the house. The complications for Lakshmi mount up when she becomes a pregnant. The other two daughters in laws of the house are childless. The head of the family orders not even an ant should bite Lakshmi but it does not happen like that. The inmates with lot of ego in their mind without the knowledge of head of the family and his wife create ruckus to Lakshmi. The rest is tragedy that slowly turns out happy ending.

Shivarajakumar in this flood of emotions could be titled as ‘Raja of Emotions’. The well measured role for Shivarajakumar also keeping his action and romantic moments in tact is a good one compared to his half a dozen previous films. It is Meera Jasmine gives a feeling to the mind that Kannada cinema industry has got a new sister. She looks beautiful and enacted superbly. Monica one would love to see again for her naughty nature. Avinash is mind blowing, Ramesh Bhat is at his optimum level ever, Hema Chaudhary, Rekha and Sangeetha look very grand. Sadhu Kokila going to the height in betting with Lakshmi Devi is worth laughing.

The Kannada and Ugadi song – Kannadakke Satiyilla….Chandanakke Potiyilla….is the best among all the songs! Nagarapanchami song and style of inserting a tale is good anecdote for the culture loving people. Cinematography by R Giri is another high point of the film like the graphics.

Omsaiprakash has given a good film for all. The culture and heritage of Karnataka he has given good placement. This is a worth watching cinema. Do not miss this one!

Advise to director Saiprakash garu – please keep an eye on the length of the film.

Producer – Rajamma Saiprakash, Story, screenplay, direction – Om Saiprakash, Music and lyrics – Hamsalekha, Cinematography – R Giri, Cast – Shivarajakumar, Meera Jasmine, Monica, Avinash, Hema Chaudhary, Sadhu Kokila, MN Lakshmi Devi, Ramesh Pandit, Rekha, Sangeetha, Ramesh Bhat and others.

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