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Title – Once More Kaurava, Producer – Naresh Gowda, Direction – S Mahender, Music – Sridhar Sambram, Cinematography – Krishnakumar, Cast – Naresh Gowda, Anusha, Devaraj, Anu Mukherjee, Vijay Chendur, Madhusoodhan, Shivaramanna, Bank Janardhan, MS Umesh and others.


S Mahender is back with ‘Once More Kaurava’ – the ‘Gowrava’ has increased to some extent except for two situations – they are not in the taste of S Mahender type of films.


Krishna Kumar is the first hero of the film, Sridhar Sambram with very well worded lyrics from K Kalyan steals the shows from songs.

In the debut Naresh Gowda is fine. He has to improve in dialogue delivery, action is brilliant, he has the screen presence. Anusha in this film has given her best so far. Definitely there would be competition with her sister Ashika in the film field.


S Mahender is like a cool breeze at many places. He goes in 40 kilometers speed and like the government buses are limited in speed, his film too never changes the gear till interval. Like how senior actors quite a films sought for the exchange of revenge on the similar ground – Kiran, Kauravana Maga comes to the same village to settle scores.


Kiran is deputed to the place where communal tension is building as cop. He solves the crisis of a suicide case of Hindu and Muslim lovers – he insist on last wish of lover burial at the same place. Others shut their mouth. It is at the interval when Shivaramanna arrives the color of the film changes.


In the flash back we have Devaraj and Anu Mukherjee highly respected couple in the village for their people friendly work. In one of the cases the punishment given irks a duo severely. A revenge platform is set that takes the toll of Devaraj and Anu. The child of this couple is taken away by Shivaramanna for a better living.


The cop Kiran coming to this village unknowingly. He is narrated the past by Shivaramanna. Rest of the development left to your imagination.

‘Once More Kaurava’ has given platform to a few new talents that they have utilized well. Heroine father and two villains of opponent gang are having good future.


Naresh Gowda as hero from this film could take up more challenging roles with some refinement in acting. You can this film ‘Once’ – that is Once More Kaurava.

 3/5 ***



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