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Rathi Varchassina Natiyaru indhu Bagirathi! The two beautiful faces and actresses of Kannada cinema Thara and Bhavana are ‘Bagirathis’ in ‘Bagirathi’…Kerege Haara film of Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa.

Prof Baraguru satisfying the two good actress as ‘Bagirathis’, he has used the concept in a fitting style – the senior Sose and Junior Sose in the house of Mallana Gowda are under the impressions that they have to jump to the river and become ‘Haara’.

The parallel narration gives equal footage for both Thara and Bhavana. This is what impressed Thara who in fact asked for the lead role when Prof Baraguru contacted her.

Actress Thara  national award winning actress who plays the senior ‘Bahu’ addressing the media frankly admitted that when she received the phone call from prof Baraguru  was confident that she will get the title role. When Prof Baraguru said Bhavana is ‘Bagirathi’ junior and you are the senior Bagirathi there was sort of relief in her.

I was introduced by Prof Baraguru for art films and I straight away accepted the film stated national award winning actress Thara.

For Bhavana it is a hat trick of films with Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa. I was in ‘Kshama, Shanthi (Guiness record film for only one artist in the film). The responsible role given to me in third film what makes me feel proud says Bhavana.

Bhavana express that she was hesitant to take part in the first night scene in the film ‘Bagirathi’ with Kishore by person like Prof Baraguru was watching it. After a long wait I and Kishore finally made it to give a good romantic scene recalled Bhavana the two times state award winning actress.

‘Bahu’ is ‘Bahut’ in ‘Bagirathi’!

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