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It was Hemanth Rao from ‘Godibanna Sadarana Maikattu’ and it is Sunil Bheema Rao from ‘Onthara Bannagalu’. The former was not talkative but latter is very talkative and that is his zeal.

Working the camp of Upendra for six months during ‘Uppi 2’ making Rao is qualified director. He made the single line story and went to Manohar Joshi well known cameraman. When he asked him to further develop, Rao came with four pages Pukka with elements.

What is ‘Onthara Bannagalu’ – it is a travel between sad and happiness. There are five main characters to this travel of various emotions – Jai Sri Ram are Kiran Srinivas, Pratap Narayan and Pravin, there are two heroines Sonu Gowda and Hita Chandrasekhar. In addition to that there are a few senior actors like Dattanna, Sadhu Kokila, Suchindra Prasad, Sharat Lohitashva, Ashalata, Tennis Krishna and others.

Rao shot for this film in 29 days and one travel song will be ready in two songs. The all round applause for Rao is his perfect planning, sincere effort, clarity in thinking and he knows what he wants. Rao shot for the film in Pune, Sagar, Mangaluru,Badami, Bagalkote, Shivamogga and others locations. He had traveled all these places to get the right mood required for the film.

Bharat BJ is scoring music for four songs and three bits, Manohar Joshi cameraman says this film is pretty good because it meets the requirement of wider section of audience. Love to work in travel subjects Manohar Joshi thought of using drone camera as he is labeled as ‘Dronacharya’ but it was used in a limited way. Audience would have a feel of picnic hopes Manohar Joshi.

Sonu as Janaki is with Hubballi accent in the film how she behaves in Bengaluru is her role, Hita Chandrasekhar expressed the road trip and meeting new friends was her earning from this film of course with good concept. She is a straightforward employed girl.

Kiran Srinivas has found outstanding things in this film. that is the preciseness, clarity of director Rao. He had not seen with any of his previous directors. He is in a matured role as Ram – not impulsive in his decisions.

Praveen a model settling from Mumbai to Bengaluru is positive and thinks before his decisions. Pratap Narayan as Sri is a middle class guy and his happiness is going for a Uttar Karnataka trip through this film shooting.

Abhijit has done sound designing for the film with live recordings of sounds. PRO venkatesh was also seated with team of ‘Onthara Bannagalu’. Venkatesh informed that he got this film to do PRO task through Manohar Joshi. He wished good luck to the team of ‘OB’.
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