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Title – Operation Alamelamma, Producer – Amrej Suryavamshi, Direction – Suni, Cinematography – Abhishek Kasargod, Music – Juda Sandy, Cast – Rishi, Shradda Srinath, Rajesh Nataranga, Aruna Balaraj, Sumuktha, Pranava Murthy, Karthik, Vijeth Gowda and others.

It is not a case of operation success but patient dead! Both operation and patient has succeeded in this case. For the viewers of CID on Sony in the last 15 years plus it is an operation without anesthesia! For others it is interesting Operation Alamelamma.
Director Suni has catered to family audience. He has successfully arrived at a very lengthy script. Had he cut the film by twenty minutes it would have been neat and tidy.
As a first timer Rishi as protagonist has managed to give a good performance. Shradda Srinath has a role suitable to her image and she looks very homely and traditional.
The portions of Aruna Balaraj and Rishi are quite interesting and catch up with the family audience. The inevitability of female protagonist in agreeing for a wrong match that is later by intervention of mother is cool and composed.

What is this Operation Alamelamma all about? There is a need for money for the operation of Ananya teacher mother Alamelamma. One of the students of a business tycoon who is tech savvy hatches a plot.

This is the plot hand in glove with Purmy the young boy hatches. It is because his father is not earning right money and right purpose he does not give the money. When Ananya teacher is in grave need of money for her mother operation this idea balloons up as a problem for the police as the son of business tycoon is kidnapped. This kidnap drama is very well managed by the young school boy. Later it is interesting in the climax that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Juda Sandy has scoring of Alaga Alaga….is too good.  The cinematography of Abhishek Kasargod is absorbing. He has used a few techniques in the camera department. Some of the aerial takings give a ‘Waav’ feeling.

Please give your cooperation for this ‘Operation’ – it is an engaging family entertainer. The Boys are beyond of their age in thinking!
3/5 ***
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