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Posted date: 20 Wed, May 2020 11:39:53 AM

While the new entertainment business industry come here to stay strong and give very stiff competition to the exhibitor sector – OTT platforms are entering the south market with mega bumper offers to the films that are in queue for release.

Look at the seven films queued up today in OTT platform that also includes PRK Banner Law and French Biryani’. Then now look at the offer extended to challenging star Darshan ‘Roberrt’ Kannada cinema Rs.70 crore offer to buy the film for producer Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda. Next in the queue that received mega offer is KGF Chapter 2 of rocking star Yash – it is Rs.120 crore offer from OTT platform to release worldwide.

Already producer of Roberrt Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda has declared that he has turned down the offer of Rs.70 crores and going for theatrical release. In case producer Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda accepts the offer of Rs.70 crores from OTT platform he would have been with two times profit of his investment.

Producer Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda has got wide appreciation from exhibitor sector for his decision to release in theatres.

The case of KGF chapter 2 is also magnificent. A pan India film has got offer of Rs.120 crores from OTT platform. The previous best of OTT offer was Rs.118 crores to Hindi and multilingual 2.0 of Rajanikanth film.

The new business opening for entertainment industry is no doubt a welcome step. But at what cost – exhibition system comes to end with such onslaughts from OTT.

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