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A day before Shreyas Manju birthday the debut film ‘Padde Huli’ song mixed with fight and adventure was screened with some of the biggie’s presence at the huge screen of Kannada Cinema Artists Association auditorium on Wednesday evening.
Veteran director SK Bhagwan, KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu, Indrajith Lankesh, Ramu, MN Suresh, Soorappa Babu, Ba Ma Harish, MG Ramamurthy, actor Rakshit Shetty, producer Ramesh Reddy, Venkatappa Naidu, Narayana Raju, Girish, KM Veeresh, Santosh, AP Arjun, Dayal Padmanabhan joined the stage to light the lamp. Later Yogaraj Bhat graced the song release event and that brought some cheers as he did mimicry of K Manju with Chandru on dais.
Deepu presented a silver sword to birthday boy of Thursday Shreyas on this occasion.
Rakshit Shetty whistled and the well made song of ‘Padde Huli’ was screened. Not once but twice the song was screened.
We need heroes and Shreyas join the elite club of stars wished Rakshit Shetty. Looking at the song Rakshit Shetty said he has all ingredient of an action star. We can see more from him when film is released he hoped.
SK Bhagwan by slip of the tongue said Thejas for Shreyas. Immediately intelligent Bhagwan corrected and said where there is ‘Thejas’, there will be Shreyas. I was amazed with song quality. It has come out well; to know whether rice is ripe to eat we see one grain of it. like that this song explain Shreyas caliber he mentioned. In box office let it become like ‘Raja Huli’ he wished.
I thought K Manju would become hero but his son is hero today. I imagined how it would have been K Manju in place of his son in the song. For me Shreyas does not look like first film hero, he seems to be hero with 25 films to his credit stated KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu. He is qualified to become an actor. In future producers should go behind K Manju for his son call sheet. Let Shreyas become always producer hero pointed Govindu.
Indrajith Lankesh said the qualities in Shreyas are probably from his mother and not from K Manju. It is good that Bhagwan sir had told Thejas for Shreyas. He has good physique and good eyes. Guru Deshpande has done better than me in the song. I am happy to know that Shreyas is booked for two years stated Indrajith Lankesh.
The dance and fight mix song is good and he has symptoms of becoming big, let him give call sheet for me stated senior producer Ramu.
Yogaraj Bhat told how Shreyas was beaten by K Manju when he said something to lecturer when he was in PUC and I wondered on his caliber then. I was serious on his capability when Rangayana Raghu wife who trained Shreyas said good things on his novelty in thoughts. He is here to shine said Yogaraj Bhat.
It is better for K Manju to manage his son dates for producers, for those who lost let him give a call sheet urged producer Soorappa Babu.
Director AP Arjun, Mahesh, actress Nishwika also spoke on the grand making of the song. He is a born star stated director Mahesh.
For this making solely responsible is producer Ramesh Reddy. He wanted everything to be grand and opulent. Dhanu is independent choreographer from this film, action by Vinod was also risky. It is only risk that gives names. Don’t come with Raja Huli expectations, I would give a better film stated Guru Deshpande on ‘Padde Huli’.
The shoot starts from 9th of April and a producer like Ramesh Reddy is a dreamer. I am showing him the way and checking on investment. We have plans to go abroad for two songs, I am not working hard for this film because my son is hero. I am working for my friend Ramesh Reddy. He should get back money and profit is my wish. I do not go for careless expenditure he mentioned strictly.
Ramesh Reddy of Uppu Huli Khara, Nathicharami and now Padde Huli said his backbone is Manjanna.
The birthday boy Shreyas brimming with happiness thanking everyone for good wishes said he is inspired to give such results. I would do much better in the remaining portions he assured.
Ruchika is another prominent actress in this film. The team of Padde Huli joined on stage for cake cutting celebration of Shreyas birthday.
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