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The Sound Recording Engineer for over 1000 films in a career spanning over two and half decades, music director off late Palani D Senapathi has come up with ‘PULSE’ recording theatre, The dream of this humble and simple music director was inaugurated by Nadabrahma Hamsalekha on Thursday morning. Noted director of yesteryears SK Bhagwan, Lahari Velu, music director V Manohar, actor Vijay Mahesh and others were present.

Taking a look at the studio ‘Pulse’ of his long time assistant Palani D Senapathi, Nadabrahma Hamsalekha stated ‘Hold the PULSE, listen to the music, sound of music is there, Sound of Rupee is important. For the present scenario of Kannada cinema industry the intelligent marketing is very important, felt Hamsalekha. For the production the demand is more but one should be careful of his product. Top quality machines have come. How it works is very difficult to judge. But the machine is always behind a man. For such lovely Tools, there are some Fools sitting. Tools and Pulse is very good. Such a ‘Pulse’ for Palani Tools should come felt Hamsalekha. Keeping up the standards is the only way to succeed. This is a piece of advice from Hamsalekha.

Palani D Senapathi speaking on this occasion stated that he has worked for nearly 1000 films as sound records engineer. We have to grow according to technology. A big task is possible today in a small place. Hamsalkehaji is my Godfather. Technicians of Karnataka are in no way lesser to anyone. We can create wonders. For such work economic strength is also required. Big capital is also required. The technicians of Karnataka are not given the right share of space. The talent should get the support I feel. Palani D Senapathi further explained that he wants to bring condemned instruments and give a good placement he added.

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