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The three heroines of the film ‘Pani Puri’ – Anu, Akshita and Darshita have let down the director Naveen Kumar on his ambitious second project. Producer Puttaraju not made any complaint but director Naveen Kumar explained the trouble and dodging he faced from three heroines. As there was no contract signed we had to cope up with mischief of three heroines says Naveen Kumar. At the makeup level the three heroines used to pull on time means what a director should do explained Naveen Kumar.
The three heroes of this film Vybhav, Sooryakiran and Jagadish are like gems. They have extended wonderful cooperation stated director at the screening of trailer of the film. When the three friends think of bank robbery the film takes different turn. For blood and bank robbery the censor has extended ‘A’ certificate is another worry of this director.
Robo Ganesh internationally acclaimed performer in 10 different forms is the one who chases the three pairs to forest has a distinct role to play.
Umesh Banakar holding a position of VP at KFCC advised the director Naveen Kumar not to budge when trouble starts from anyone. KFCC is there to help. In the case of three heroines you should have complained he says. On the problem faced from Regional Censor, Banakar stated that 18 producers have complained against censor officer Srinivasappa. We are working on this issue.
Santosh Bagalkot has scored music for songs and he has the Hindustani knowledge in music. He explained various forms of songs tried in this film ‘Paani Puri’ that is also with horror dose in the film.
Jagadish of Mythri fame plays a college student with comedy angle, Sooryakiran of TV serial is upright cop, Vybhav is rich spoilt brat. It is from him his friends are also locked in problems.

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