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Title – Na Panta Kano, Producer – K Subramanya, Screenplay, dialogue, direction, lyrics, music – S Narayan, Cinematography – Mathew Rajan, Cast – Anoop Revanna, Ritiksha, Ravi Kaale, Vishwa, Nelamangala MLA Srinivasamurthy, Kari Subbu and others.

What a captivating second half indeed. This is a film meant rightly for the present generation. You should loot and not take the boot. You should achieve the target that is good for the deprived and secondly the crooks should not be allowed once again to get up from the lesson what they get.

Panta is a Punter in duping with two of his friends Prakash and Devaraj. He is Arjun (Anoop Revanna) a smart in the first half, smartest in the second half. His brilliance mixed with innocence is appealing. At the interval point it is known that the bag trio snatched has Rs.3 crores gold biscuit that belongs to a big gold merchant.

The second half opens up with unravelling the good character of Ravi Kaale. Arjun knowing this finds a new way out. He hatches a brilliant plot to book the criminal, handover their property to government and then bounce back with a decent life.

Arjun studying the root cause for Ravi Kale Shukra Finance comes friendly to his opponent Jewellery shop owner played by Nelamangala MLA Srinivasamurthy. The jewellery robbery plan narrates gets him acquaintance. When he completes the deal Arjun demand for Rs.40 crores from the jewellery shop owner for that he has no other way. Arjun gets the amount because this is what the jewellery shop owner duped Shukra Finance Ravi Kaale. After the robbery the jewellery shop owner invite the insurance, police and media to get sympathy and claim the amount he has lost.

The clever Arjun had in fact tucked the entire jewellery in the same shop after robbery brings bad name to the jewellery shop owner.

It is the intelligence that counts very much get close affinity to audience in the second half. The point of no return for the main culprit is what interest a lot.

Anoop Revanna from action image in “Lakshmana” gets a soft and sensible role. He applies ‘Raja Tantra’ – the clever knack of a king to meets his several ends at one robbery of jewellery shop. Ritiksha has a long way to go.

Vishwa is attractive in his comedy track, Kari Subbu and Ravi Kale have done well, Nelamangala MLA Srinivas taking the acting for the first time is convincing.

The duet song in the film is made with lot of graphic effects. One action for the film is well captured. This is 128 minutes cinema should have added more crispness and intelligence to the first half.

This is a Paisa Vasool cinema from S Narayan a veteran director of Kannada filmdom.

/5 ****


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