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Title – Pataki, Producer – SV Babu, Direction – Manju Swaraj, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Venkatesh Anguraj, Cast – Ganesh, Ranya, Saikumar, Priyanka, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sadhu Kokila, Vijay Chendur, Sampath Kumar, Dharma, Chikka Hejjaje and others.


It is an absorbing entertainer for the family. ‘Pataki’ firework from SV Production is no doubt a pinch hitter in various elements of a commercial cinema. ‘Pataki’ is a people cinema.


For every five minutes there is some delectable super minute. For Golden star Ganesh the Khaki suits impeccably. Director Manju Swaraj has taken care of it. The dialogue delivery in powerful style with precise Kannada makes a new cop in Ganesh. The film although a remake of ‘Pataas’ has looked at the primary needs of eunuch – the construction of separate toilet in this film is a good thought and protesting youths mothers coming in two vans teach a lesson you would agree completely. The one who has given birth has every right to teach the children like this. You would appreciate various other elements of police officers taking law to hand in the second half. Instead of going to judiciary and coming out – this is not liked by public in general. They go back to the ‘Kazab’ case in their memory.


‘Pataki’ is powerful in action, dialogue, making, takings, songs, cinematography and selection of artists, technical excellence is booster doze in ‘Pataki’. Editor NM Vishwa in this 142 minutes cinema moves like a bullet train without missing any link.

What is this ‘Pataki’ all about? Disenchanted youth Soorya (Ganesh) is very angry on his father DGP Saikumar because of family matters! Soorya takes bold step of coming to the area as ACP and his action is totally reverse. So the father and son clash is a special treat of entertainment. The support increases for Rudrapratap (Ashish Vidyarthi) as son is in his favour. It is till the so called sister (Priyanka) faces brutal death. At this time DGP father brings his son to the special room explain the situation. The table is turned but Rudrapratap further strengthen his attack.


The severe attack of Rudrapratap takes the toll of father but you have son Soorya to burn every ordeals in front of him. The time is short but action is too good for the public.

It is time Ganesh stitches a set of police uniform and keep in his house. It will be useful for him in the coming years. His dialogue delivery and romancing is pretty good. In his company Sadhu Kokila gives a touching performance. It is Saikumar dialogue king who gets going in the second half. His cool headed approach later roaring like tiger is simply superb.


Dharma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ranya, Vijay Chendur, Alok, Sampathkumar have got good share on screen. All of them have given their best. Vijay Chendur is in frontline from this film to comedy roles.


Arjun Janya scores are tremendous at various occasions. Venkatesh Anguraj is master at his work. Every shot is superb and eye catching.


Manju Swaraj – has brought a new occasion with many changes to the original. The dialogues of Jadeya are very strong. Using of words like ‘Wifi’ is very well advanced.


A film for full family, worth watching film! 4/5

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