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Posted date: 27/September/2008

A film in mass media if it is not supportive it should not be destructive. Pooraka Agadiddaru Maraka Agabaradhu. With many negative thoughts and self centric approach the careless director Chandrasekhar Srivatsav has burnt more than one crore rupees of BJP politician R.Pramila of Mahila Morcha Unit who showed interest in shaping up her son through ‘Patre Love Padma’.

Firstly we feel sorry for Ajith, music director Arjun and cameraman Cine Tech Soori. The head weight director they should not have tolerated. What image director had to give nod to make this film is the first question. Why they have not known in a mass media the subject selected should be generally acceptable and not disturb the people in general?

The censor also becomes responsible for giving nod to this kind of cinema. For 10th standard mind the idea of love coming up is not in the Indian set up is what censor chief argued and after Cheluvina Chittara he was taken to task and started giving A certificate to all Kannada films. How come this film surpassed his eyes?

Are we living in the culture that says rowdies should be done to get the girl love? Are we in the system of saying the professor that you should teach how to love or dove because so and so girl is in love with a road Romeo?

Look at what father Ramesh Bhat does taking his daughter 10th standard studying student in his moped. He stops the vehicle at PVR cinema hall entrance and says whether you want the boy who can afford to go to this theatre or to a cinema in the tent? He takes her to Big Bazar and in front of it he asks his daughter you want a boy who wants to come to this place and shopping or in Kaka shop. He further takes her to Infosys and asks her whether you want a boy to marry who works here or a coolie? Director Srivatsav drawing his conclusion has passed wrong message to those who does not go to PVR, Big Bazar and work in Infosys. It is the height of foolishness to make such comparison. Like how India is still banking on Agriculture for its revenue the working class is more in number compared to software industry.

That is why we said if the film is not Pooraka it should not be Maaraka!

It is so awkward story at the first stage. For a girl he liked in small age died in road accident smashing up TVS vehicle and then keeping her in mind going around and searching Padma is utter foolishness script. The memory should travel in love not the some other girl of the similar name.

Ajith has done well and he is promising guy. The school Padma is tolerable, the college Padma is passable and abnormal Padma is intolerable. The small child Padma is cute to watch.

Instead of Hingyaake Hingyaake Yee Preethi Hingyaake song we have to sing Hingyaake Hingyaake Yee cinema Hingyaake.

Director Srivatsav has to change his attitudes. Give up your egos. First think of producer money return. Do not take the Kannada cinema industry to wrong path.

Look for better entertainment than this film.

Banner- Paradise Creations,
Producer – R. Pramila
Story, screenplay, dialogue and direction – Chandrasekhar Srivatsav
Music – Arjun
Cinematography –-Cinetech Soori
Cast – Ajith, Krithika, Deepika, Pavithra, Girija Lokesh, Lokanath, Ramesh Bhat, Sukhadhare and others.

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