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Title – Chakravyuha, Producer – NK Lohithdas, Direction – M Saravana, Music – SS Thaman, Cinematography – Shanmugasundaram, Cast – Puneeth Rajakumar, Rachita Ram, Arjun Vijay, Abhimanyu Singh, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Bhavya, Swapna and others.

It is power doubled situation. With already one power – that is Power star Puneeth Rajakumar, the additional power is Arjun Vijay who gives a stunning performance. Finally our power wins in the battle but at places we feel the local power goes weak and mute in front of the swashbuckling style of borrowed power Arjun Vijay.

Yet the concept of a public rising for Public is too good. Ivan Vere Madhari is reformed here in Kannada version. The story of this film is nothing big.

Lohith a civil engineer takes on the major insult put up on law students in the college campus. Lohith finds the route case and punishes the brother of law minister – Arjun Vijay severely. Lohith does this with brilliance and he does not disclose his identity while punishing the aristocratic spoiled youth. Lohith kidnap this spoiled brat and keeps him atop the construction building. From this place Arjun Vijay escape and his makes a solid search for Lohith. The law minister in the process is asked to resign for the ruckus in the law college that has resulted in three deaths. Instead of his brother coming up the law minister himself goes behind the bars. Lohith target of punishing the two happens but the trouble shoots up as Arjun Vijay has escaped from his captivity.

There is love angle too in this track. The sprightly girl Anjali is behind Lohith, she cleverly knows how strong he is and it is nothing but sheer love from her side.

To trace Lohith with his identity card in the custody of Arjun Vijay, the beautiful Anjali is kidnapped. This is what becomes hectic for Lohith. It is almost like ‘Chakravyuha’ situation for him. Finlay the local power bounce back in ending the 124 minutes and 12 seconds ‘Chakravyuha’.

Power star Puneeth Rajakumar has given striking performance once again. He is such a gutsy youngster who is ready to take on any strong villain. His dancing skill is once again brilliant. The dialogue delivery is also superb from Power star.

Arjun Vijay a Tamil actor has given a superb performance as villain making debut in Kannada. His roaring skills are good. The dubbing done by Dilip Raj to Arjun Vijay adds extra strength. The law minister role played by Abhimanyu Singh is very weak.

Rangayana Raghu as honest cop, Sadhu Kokila in comedy track, Bhavya as mother of power star added good strength to the film.

The stunts of this film are spectacular. The locations are also good support to the film. SS Thaman two songs are brilliant. Shanmugasundaram cinematography adds extra value to this action filled cinema.

When a general public is in dire straits, you go and help him is the message of this film.

Action lovers here is a treat but you can’t beat the heat wave inside Narthaki theatre that is so poor in screening facility.

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