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At the election time in state here is a Kannada film titled ‘Prabhutwa’ that speaks on the need to vote for right candidate without selling the precious vote.

For Prabhutwa Chetan Chandra is the lead actor and a day prior to his birthday the motion poster of the film was released. Ranganath of ‘Arivu’ is director of this film and Vinay dialogue writer has referred nearly 30 books to write dialogues for this film.

After 65 days of shoot the main producer Dr Megarahalli Shivakumar is introducing his son as co producer. He is Raviraj. On the concept of voting he made a special mention. At the voting time we should not become uneducated. It leads to imprecise selection. We have ninety five days schedule. Politicians should be accessible to people but reverse is the case today he says. Raviraj Shivakumar son of producer looking very good with lovely physique says everything is under the guidance of his father. Both are cinema lovers he stated.

The technical beauty of this film is that cameraman KS Chandrasekhar has worked on ‘Movement’ throughout the film. That is one of the reasons for delay in shooting. There will not be one stagnant shot. After Krishna Vamshi in Telugu this is the film that picks up this style for narration.

Director Ranganath has done a film on awareness of education and this one is on voting need. The situation of protagonist will be like that of Ambarish in ‘Chakravyuha’ film he says.

Emil Mohammad (Emil ala Farhan Roshan of Jinkemarina…fame) composed songs for the film.

Actor Chetan Chandra, Anitha Bhat, Ninasam Ashwath, Harish Roy, Pavani and others spoke on their roles and lauded the team for very good atmosphere to work.

What is the base for the film ‘Prabhutwa’ – the protagonist Chetan Chandra takes revenge on the injustice meted to his poor school teacher father.
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